TED Talk: Shashi Tharoor: Why nations should pursue “soft” power

I’ve found out about TED as late as March/April 2009, but quickly became a big fan and I usually watch one or two TED videos per day. TED offers balanced insights to subjects I don’t study at my university and therefore I’m able to broaden my horizon – I consider that the most important thing in life. Furthermore it also deepens my understanding of “real life/world”-politics. Studying political science at university is often different from what the ‘public’ views as politics, which makes it nearly impossible to discuss anything related to politics with anyone not studying it. No offense.

There are many TED talks I found fascinating and interesting, but this one in particular. Apart from being funny, intriguing and entertaining, it takes a close look at India’s soft power. The term “soft power” was pioneered by Joseph Nye. His works belong to the standard literature of every political scientist, which is the main reason why I’m linking to it.


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