Sense Absurd – About the Name

Robert Kagan: “I find Twitter the most absurd development in an absurd era.

Nope, Robert Kagan‘s quote about twitter was not the reason why the blog is called “Sense Absurd” and I disagree: I think twitter is awesome. However we do live in an absurd era! The name has a different origin, as you’ll see.

Like so many others I do feel very creative and productive sometimes. These times are usually initiated by some sort of emotional unrest: sparking my creative and productive fire(s), seeking to change myself and to get one step closer to my image of the person I want to be (though blogging has nothing to do with the latter two). Concerning the first point the problem was that I was never able to find a fitting name. Therefore my constructive phases went by without me producing or doing anything constructive at all… until a few weeks ago!

During my most recent period of emotional uneasiness, I was listening to the fairly new Portishead album Third. Because of my state of mind the song, Magic Doors, was the one I was able to relate the most. I liked the song’s lyircs (I can’t deny what I’ve become/I’m just emotionally undone & I don’t know who I’m meant to be/I guess it’s just the person that I am) and found the song’s name broad enough to fit my basic idea of what my future blog should be about: everything.

Portishead – Magic Doors

I used to blog about one of my past hobbies: manga. After a while I hated the fact that I was only able to write about manga, because the name limited the topics I was able to choose. I hate narrowness and hate to be restricted in what I (might want to) write about. I don’t want to have any constraints. For that purpose Sense Absurd offers enough leeway to talk any topic I can think of. And it sounds nice, RIGHT?!


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