My Absurdly Top Artists/Albums/Songs in 2009

I think my music taste has never been as diverse as it is now. Over the year I listened to many (new) bands, ranging from Kamelot, over Nirvana to lesser known bands like Director, Aranis and Florence + the Machine and different styles, i.a. Power Metal, Grunge, Alternative Rock, Indiepop, and many more.

I also (re-)discovered the awesome sounds of Bob Dylan, George Thorogood , Jimi Hendrix and Eric Burdon, because I ripped my father’s “oldie” CDs. Like others, I tried to create my own list based on my memories, but it was hopeless. So below you simply can see what artists/albums/songs achieved a high ranking on my profile.

Top 15 Artists
1. Chevelle
2. The Tea Party
3. Florence + The Machine
4. Bob Dylan
5. Trapt
6. Nirvana
8. Kamelot
9. Jimi Hendrix
10. Director
11. Alice in Chains
12. Eric Burdon & The Animals
13. Queen
14. Rasputina
15. Our Lady Peace

Top 20 Songs
1. Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song (F)
2. Florence + The Machine – Howl (F)
3. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (F)
4. Rasputina – Fire and Ice (F)
5. Florence + The Machine – Kiss With A Fist
6. Florence + The Machine – Hurricane Drunk (F)
7. Director – Play Pretend (F)
8. Chevelle – I Get It (F)
9. Trapt – Stand Up (F)
10. Florence + The Machine – Girl With One Eye
11. Florence + The Machine – Between Two Lungs
12. Director – Don’t Think I’ll Know
13. The Tea Party – Stargazer
14. Director – Sing It Without A Tune
15. Chevelle – Antisaint
16. Director – Laser Point
17. Antonio Vivaldi – La Primavera
18. Chevelle – Forfeit
19. Damone – What We Came Here For (F)
20. Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love

I’ve only tagged 8/20 songs as “favorites” (here indicated with a (F)). This shows that not many of the songs would make it in an all-time-favorite list, containing songs that I like to listen to again and again. Still, the list is a decent indicator for my music taste in 2009.

Top 10 Albums
1. Florence + The Machine – Lungs
2. Jimi Hendrix – All The Hits
3. Chevelle – Vena Sera
4. Director – I’ll Wait For Sound
5. The Tea Party – Seven Circles
6. Nirvana – Nervermind
7. Hearts of Black Science – The Ghost You Left Behind
8. Chevelle – Wonder What’s Next
9. George Thorogood – The Baddest Of George Thorogood And The Destroyers
10. Eric Burdon & The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun


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