Quotes of the Last Week(s)

Regarding the sting again HHS, Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon was displeased, and on the day of the inquiry, stated, “Nobody picked up on names like Phake Medical Devices, April Phuls, Timothy Witless and Alan Ruse—in the town of Chetesville, Arizona?” Representative Joe Barton of Texas exclaimed to an HHS official, “Do you have any sense of outrage?”Heidi Stevenson; ahahahahaha.

Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus are two geeks who set up a website called RetractionWatch because it was clear that retractions are often handled badly: they contacted the editor of ATS, Dr L Henry Edmunds Jr, MD to find out why the paper was retracted. “It’s none of your damn business,” replied Dr Edmunds, before railing against “journalists and bloggists”.Ben Goldacre

Rawls on political liberalism – Democratic values supersede religious, political, and moral convictions when there is no choice but to legislate an issue.Daniel Little

Als Montesquieu in Augsburg von einem Fieber befallen wird, verschreibt ihm der Arzt, der ihn behandelt, »eine katholische Medizin«, die besser wirke als ein protestantisches Medikament. Der französische Kranke erkundigt sich daraufhin scherzhaft nach türkischen Pillen. Türken, antwortet der Arzt, »gibt es hier bislang keine«. So haben die vigilanten und redegewandten Sachsen, wie er findet, im Allgemeinen »mehr Esprit« als die Bayern.Jürgen Overhoff

Nach der Entscheidung für Katar beeilte sich Sepp Blatter, die Freunde des Alkohols zu beruhigen: Ganz sicher werde es alkoholische Getränke geben, sagte er. Für homosexuelle Fans hatte er zunächst nur Spott übrig. “Ich denke, sie sollten bei der WM jegliche sexuellen Aktivitäten unterlassen”, sagte Blatter unter Gelächter.Constantin Wißmann

Manche Forscher glauben sogar, dass eine Beziehung zwischen der Lebensdauer eines Individuums und der Zahl seiner Nachkommen besteht – zumindest bei Taufliegen und Menschen. Fortpflanzung und Brutpflege verbrauchen Ressourcen, die sonst der Verlängerung des eigenen Lebens dienen könnten.Joe Dramiga; good to know!

„Someone came along and gave nothing, that’s an advance. The success of homeopathy at its invention was simply because it did no harm. Primum non nocere. And we should never forget that.” & “My deep concern is that we have a scientifically illiterate population, a scientifically illiterate house of commons. […] And worst of all they take pride in their scientific illiteracy.”Prof. Michael Baum; leider nur zu wahr.

“There is no common good, no public purpose, no shareholder’s interest; we are the prey and governments as well as corporations are run by and for predators. The “failures” enrich the proper beneficiaries even as they “prove” government is no solution.”Jamie Galbraith from The Predator State; scheint ein interessantes Buch zu sein.

How can he be unaware of these things? The only explanation I have is intellectual laziness — why check the facts when you already believe that you have The Truth?Paul Krugman

What is more, the directors of the main economic research institutes, who are the primary economic commentators in Germany and mostly labor or public economists, can legitimately be described as hawkish, as can the press (especially the FAZ).Kantoos; leider wahr. Sad story bro.

Over the course of the century and a half run of the Mongol Empire, about 22 percent of the world’s total land area had been conquered and an estimated 40 million people were slaughtered by the horse-driven, bow-wielding hordes. Depopulation over such a large swath of land meant that countless numbers of cultivated fields eventually returned to forests.Bryan Nelson; gute Idee.

Indeed, any government that builds infrastructure and allocates land titles on the scale of the nineteenth-century US government is “Big Government” incarnate.J. Bradford DeLong; was Hayek wohl dazu sagen würde (Spontane Ordnung?)?

This is why we give politicians who compare the U.S. to Greece a nice lollipop and balloon and pat them gently on their little head. And if they are important politicians, we give them a big helping of ridicule.Dean Baker; Paul Ryan ist der hier. Paul Krugman hat auch was zum Thema geschrieben & siehe oben.

It’s clear if you look at the past 300 years of human history that allowing this process of change to move forward leads to huge increases in average living standards. But the notion that it makes everyone better off or that market outcomes are “fair” is a lie.Matthew Yglesias

Bemerkenswert ist, dass dann in allen fünf Temperaturdatensätzen das Jahr 2010 das wärmste seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen ist. Und in vier der fünf ist 2009 das zweitwärmste Jahr. 2010 ist demnach auch nicht “wegen El Niño” in einigen Datensätzen das wärmste Jahr, sondern gerade in um El Niño bereinigten Daten war 2010 am wärmsten.Stefan Rahmstorf; leider sind Fakten schon lange nicht mehr die Grundlage dieser Diskussion.

Physische Beschwerden und Infektionen lassen sich damit nicht wegzaubern, Bakterien suchen nicht bei Milchzucker, sondern viel eher bei Antibiotika das Weite.Martin Ballaschk; sowas hat meine Mutter auch manchmal versucht. Totaller BOLLOCKS.

President Hu was right to remind his audience that China is not just an export machine. Compared with Japan, it is remarkably open to foreign goods and investment. Over the past two decades, its ratio of imports to GDP (which peaked at 32% in 2005) was more than twice that of Japan’s.Martin Ballaschk

Without speculation, we wouldn’t have markets trying to maneuver production from times when it is less valued to times when it will be more valued.Michael J. Roberts; I tend to agree. Speculators are always easy to blame.

Austerity is dangerous hogwash. David G. Blanchflower; no quote. Rephrased it!

Und eine coole Karte zum Schluss.Olivier H. Beauchesne

And the theory commends the idea that we are best served overall by accepting the “good-enough” solution rather than searching indefinitely for the best solution.Daniel Little über Herbert Simons The Sciences of the Artificial

Would You Like to See How Big Cities Looked Like Hundred Years Ago? via feingut.com; coole Bilder!

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