Twitter Accounts One Should Follow

Here are some twitter accounts I follow (only includes News/Basketball/Economics/Misc/Politics). Of course there are many many more, but on a weekday I can hardly keep up with what my timeline as is. Feel free to message me recommendations. Descriptions are mostly c&p’ed from twitter & I was too lazy to link to everyone’s blog/website, sorry!

Lists I Follow:
BEKO-BBL playersCurrent and former BEKO-BBL players.
Olaf Storbeck’s: The PIIGS+-ClubEconomists and journalists tweeting about the euro crisis.

News/Aggregation Services:
MarketWatchMarketWatch Breaking News Bulletins
RANsquawkvisit our website for the free real-time scrolling news and audio for stocks, bonds, FX and energy. brings you the latest news from around the world, covering breaking news in business, politics, technology, and more.
rivvaGerman Twitter/Blog News Aggregator

Alexandra EndresRedakteurin im Ressort Wirtschaft bei ZEIT ONLINE.
Bryan CaplanI’m a GMU econ professor, EconLog blogger, father of three, and author of *The Myth of the Rational Voter* and *Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids* [Blog]
CEPRDC – The Center for Economic and Policy Research promotes democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people’s lives.
Dean Bakeran economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. I also run the blog Beat the Press.
eFlationFondsmanager, Publizist, Value Investing, Cosmonaut, Web 2.0 [Blog]
egghatEconblogger und iOS Developer mit einer gewissen Schwäche für Gadgets aller Art und von Apple im Besonderen [Blog]
Ezra KleinBlogger/columnist for the Washington Post, columnist for Bloomberg, contributor to MSNBC. Eater of food. Hater of filibuster. Lover of charts. [Blog]
Felix SalmonFelix Salmon is the finance blogger at Reuters. [Blog]
FreakonomicsThe books ‘Freakonomics’ and ‘SuperFreakonomics’ have sold 5 million copies worldwide. Here, the authors (and friends) continue to spout off. [Blog]
INETeconomics – The Institute for New Economic Thinking provides fresh insight and thinking to promote changes in economic theory and practice. [Website]
Jeffrey D. SachsEconomist, Professor, Director of the @EarthInstitute, Columbia University and Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General. Author of The Price of Civilization.
KantoosModerne VWL und Wirtschaftspolitik – Versuch einer Paartherapie. [Blog]
lostgenTwitter des Blogs Verlorene Generation. [Blog]
Lukas SustalaFinancial journalist @DerStandard. Blogger @derstandardat. Co-managed a macro hedge fund@ISKWien. Austrian, Economist, living in Vienna.
Marcus GatzkeJournalist, Ökonom und Ressortleiter Wirtschaft bei ZEIT ONLINE.
Markus GärtnerI am a Vancouver-based business journalist writing for German papers [Blog]
Matthew BishopNY Bureau Chief, The Economist; co-author Philanthrocapitalism.
Matthew Yglesiasis a Fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. [Blog]
Megan GreeneEconomist specialising in euro crisis and providing analysis on Ireland/Greece/Portugal/Spain/Italy/Germany.
Nouriel RoubiniProfessor at Stern School, NYU, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics. [Blog]
Olaf Storbeckwriter – Economics Editor, Germany’s business daily Handelsblatt. [Blog]
Paul KrugmanEconomics and Politics: The Conscience of a Liberal, an NYTimes blog by Paul Krugman [Blog]
PIMCOWe are a global investment management firm with one mission: manage risks & deliver returns.
Richard FloridaUrbanist, Author, Professor, Researcher, Talker, Bike Rider, Guitar Player.
Ryan AventEconomics correspondent for The Economist. [Blog #1] [Blog #2]
Tim HarfordAuthor of Adapt; Undercover Economist at the FT; presenter of More or Less, Radio 4. Coffee lover.
Tyler CowenProfessor of Economics, George Mason University [Blog]
Umair Hagueauthor, blogger, thinker, reformer. [Blog]
WirtschaftswurmNachrichten aus Wirtschaftspolitik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften gründlich verdaut [Blog]
zerohedgeto widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the professional investing public. [Website] (the comments are full with gunblazing anarcho-liberal gold bugs, lovin’ it.)

Barry EichengreenProfessor of Economics and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
Hans RoslingProfessor Global Health, Karolinska Institutet. Edutainer & co-founder of Gapminder Foundation. (doesn’t quite fit into this category, heh.)
Zeke J. Miller@BusinessInsider Politics Reporter. Yale grad.
ZEIT Online PolitikZEIT ONLINE Politik: M. Horeld (mh), M. Schlieben (ms), S. Richter (sr), L. Caspari (lc), J. Radke (jr), K. Haake (kh), T. Steffen (tst).

BroseBasketsGerman BEKO Basketball Bundesliga Club / Current German Champion and BEKO BBL Cup Winner.
Chris KamanCenter For The Los Angeles Clippers
Kyle Hines – used to play for Bamberg, now is playing basketball for Olympiacos Piraeus.
Marcus Slaughteranother BB player.
P.J. TuckerBrose Basket’s player.
ProspOverseasWorldwide Basketball Scouting – The International Eye for Talent.
Wendell Maxeyfreelance scribe with page 2,, slam online/slam magazine. currently writing photo history book on portland trail blazers for arcadia publishing. Basketball Community – Deutschlands virtueller Freiplatz
Teem72Brose Basket’s PR-guy.

Conan O’BrienThe voice of the people. Sorry, people.
extra3Die einzige Satiresendung
Der_FuehrerKunststudent, Social Media Veteran
Sheldon CooperQuite possibly the most intelligent human on the planet. Brilliant theoretical physicist.
The Tweet Of GodMaketh Me not come down there.
The OnionAmerica’s Finest News Source.
WesterwaveI’m always yet the new germany outside minister. No one can reach me the water!

Ben GoldacreNerd cheerleader, Bad Science person, stats geek, research fellow in epidemiology, procrastinator. [Blog]
Shafeen Charaniathinker, dreamer, communicator, synthesist [Blog]
The BrowserToday’s essential reads. Share your own links by tweeting them with the hashtag #browsings [Website] (you might know them from the 5-book interview series, love them.)


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