Blogs! Nichts als Blogs! #2

The old list can be found here.

Economic Blogs:
+ Beat the Press by Dean Baker
+ Correlation is (newsworthy, so why) not causation(?) by Michael Sances
+ Free Exchange by Various
+ Free Banking by Various
+ On the Economy by Jared Bernstein
+ Macro and Other Market Musings by David Beckworth
+ The Everyday Economist by Josh Hendrickson
+ The Irish Economy by Various
+ The Leisure of the Theory Class by Various
+ The Money Illusion by Scott Sumner
+ Tim Duy’s Fed Watch by Tim Duy
+ Umair Haque’s Blog
+ Uneasy Money by David Glasner
+ Blick Log by Dirk Elsner
+ libri logicorum by Otmar Scherer-Gennermann
+ Querschuesse by Anonymous
+ WirtschaftsWunder by Various
+ Ökonomenstimme by Various
+ Wirtschaftsphilosoph by Anonymous
+ Wirtschaftswurm by Arne Kuster [and I can relate to this post, lol]
+ The Mess That Greenspan Made by Tim Iacono
+ Naked Capitalism by Yves Smith
+ Zerohedge by Various
+ Bronte Capital by John Hempton
+ Angry Bear by Various

Politic Blogs:
+ The Monkey Cage by Various (see the right side for names)
+ The Interpreter by Various
+ New Population Bomb by Jack A. Goldstone
+ Letter From China by Evan Osnos
+ Consider the Evidence by Lane Kenworthy
+ A plan blog about politics by Jonathan Bernstein
+ Zweitstimme by Various
+ Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science by Andrew Gelman (also part of ‘The Monkey Cage’ crew)

You don’t have the time to work! Educate yourself! Don’t stay a sheep and change the world! Or at least your world… or the world will change you. What bollocks. (And just because I read them doesn’t mean I agree with them!)


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