Best of Twitter: August 2011

RT @ThePoke: Hurricane Irene has now been downgraded to a British summer #fb

Given sufficient lack of motivation, there is no limit to what people can fail to accomplish.

Wolfgang Schauble: I am a fan of Karl Popper and his idea of Open Society

Steve Jobs cannot die. We all own one of his Horcruxes.

TheTweetOfGod #1 and #2
There was just a 6.0 earthquake in Washington. Obama wanted it to be 3.4, but the Republicans wanted 6.0, so he compromised.

S&P upgrades earthquake from 5.8 to 6.0

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751. How can you not see the pattern? IT’S RIGHT THERE! Man, you people are stupid.

Good morning, everybody! 153,000 of thee are going to die today. Have fun out there!

FAZ: “Die Rede von Christian Wulff in Lindau” Die Rede füllt mind. 2 Phrasenschweine ;-)

Switching to Fox News for a more conservative take on the hurricane. Guessing tax cuts could fix this.

“Hurricane Irene has been upgraded to a category four excuse for the failing U.S. economy.”

Stiglitz: the real reason that “the invisible hand seems invisible is that it’s not there” #lem11

Stiglitz: “No government has ever wasted money in a scale of the American financial system.” #lem11

Every little task on this Mac is a fresh hell. I can’t even find a hash on the keyboard to add some sardonic hashtag.

S&P thinks that the government will forget how to print money — this is really a problem of our educational system

I think S&P was basing their analysis on that infographic of dollar bills piled up next to The Statue of Liberty.
(how I hated this infographic. and people were posting it on facebook, openly admitting their sheepness.)

“The east coast of the U.S. has now had its earthquake and its deluge. Next, as I understand it, comes invasion by locusts. That will be followed by plague, and then by the rain of fire…”

Today we passed a historic milestone in which a company making niche fad products for the modern version of the Borg collective just surpassed in market cap a company extracting and processing the most valuable product for the modern industrial economy.


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