Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

Ha! I wonder why I didn’t think of such a post earlier? I already post pictures of beverages I drink on twitter, but most people I know still live back in the Stone Age and – for reasons I can’t fathom – don’t have Twitter accounts. (By the way, an equivalent of not having and using a Twitter account in the Stone Age would be still eating raw meat , even though you were able to roast it. No excuses, fuckers!)

Beer: I’m not fond of North German beer – although I hail from Hamburg – Astra, Jever, etc: Thanks, but no thanks. Generally, I prefer Kellerbier or Lagerbier (the English definition is slightly different from the German word!). There are still eleven local breweries in Bamberg (German Wikipedia says eleven! It really should be eight though.), so I have some options. I don’t like smoked beer though. If I had to choose: Mahr’s E.T.A. Hoffmann, Huppendorfer Vollbier, Otto Hübner Bräu, Fässla Zwergla and Weiherer Keller would be the top contenders, but I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

Wine & Sherry Selection

Wine & Sherry selection.

Wine: Regular readers know of my recent adventures in wine drinking. I’m no fan of white wine, except mixed to a Kir – but even then… When it comes to red wine French (Bourdeaux!) or Spanish (Rioja from Marqués de Murrieta) wine are a very good choices. I particularly enjoyed the 2009 Château Noble Meynard Bordeaux Supérieur A.C. (also endorsed by my parents and not expensive!) and if you have money available to you a 2006 Château La Fleur St. Emilion Grand Cru will not disappoint. I guess can’t make any mistakes when choosing a Bourdeaux, especially the years 2005 and 2009.

What Else?
I like cidre, no, not cider, cidre! Cidre de Bretagne! I usually rely on my parents for choosing it though, not much of a connoisseur.

Cidre de Bretagne

Cidre de Bretagne.

Whisky is not my expertise. Although I did have a bottle of Armorik Whisky Breton, I still am not used to the taste. Vodka is not something I’d drink alone or unmixed – it’s a drink to get drunk, not to cherish. Dubonnet is nice to drink, but not something I’d file under ‘Favorite’.

Occasionally, I also indulge in the pleasure of drinking a glass of Ricard. Its taste might require some ‘effort’ getting used to, so Ricard doesn’t get lots of love from my friends. It is, however, a nice drink for a Sunday pre-lunch aperitif.

Cristina Olorosa

Cristina Olorosa.

Then there’s Sherry. A drink I didn’t discover until last year: loooooovin’ it! But it’s hard to find good one. You can’t buy the right kind in normal German shops – even the two I bought in London’s Harrods were not elegant enough for my taste. I had some luck and found Cristina Olorosa, a medium dry sherry; very good: not too sweet and a bit smokey; just a very pleasant aperitif overall. I also had some good Sherry at La Clarité, but sadly forgot to note the name.

Hmm, did I miss anything? :)


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