My Favorite Tweets: August 2012

I should be writing essays and whatnot, but before that: My favorite tweets in August. Topics: the olympic closing ceremony, the RNC convention, a rant by Mark Cuban on the Apple verdict and the usual economic/political snark.

Apparently the Simpsons foretold Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech years ago

Clint Eastwood was the best pro-choice, pro-gay marriage speaker so far in Tampa.

.@TackaMac We’re taught never to “judge”. But if we don’t judge what is great, vs what is pedestrian, we end up with mallworld.

Why is it that I can sleep better in the ten minutes between hitting Snooze than in the hours between 4 and 7 AM?

Some german dude says some other german dude might possibly quit maybe. SELL EVERYTHING, DOUCHEBAGS

If the IBM PC was created in this patent environment there would be no Apple. They would have sued them out of existence.

Dear Apple, Xerox PARC called, they want their interface back..

Tweet of the year = RT @conorsen: Political writers have it so easy. So much harder to troll when you have to use a FRED chart.

LOL. Bingo. RT @seanpaulkelley: The triumph of the banal in American life: no one speaks of revolution except television ads.

umairhAt least we know we’re not in the Matrix. This is all way, way too dumb for a simulation.

I can’t believe Foursquare usage is in decline, people LOVE seeing those check-ins in their timeline

AAPL has added one Alaska Airlines in market cap premarket

Recommending books to someone you do not know well is a fraught exercise. Whether you or they acknowledge it, it is a test of sorts.

RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Niall Ferguson is a tired unethical hack. Newsweek should invest in one of the smart conservatives out there, instead.

Dear God, do we have to listen to three more months “debating” Paul Ryan? I mean, Is it not obvious he’s the saviour of mankind?

Todd Akin asked to be raped to confirm his theory. Repeatedly.

If Paul Ryan’s fitness plan were like his budget plan, he’d eat nothing but potato chips for the next decade and promise to work out in 2022

Isn’t this a sitcom theme? #closingceremony

Reassuring to see the Brits have all reverted to their customary sour, defeatist attitude post Olympics. Closing ceremony clearly helped.

Spice Girls? Really? And you are not going to act @standardpoors ? Really?

Oh God, kill one now. #closingceremony

A child’s skull, before their milk teeth fall out. This is freakier than all the Alien films combined.

#1: I wondered why people hate Yanks. But then I saw ‘Pearl Harbor’ trending after USA women’s football win vs Japan. #2: It’s soccer, dude.

I am trying to phone a Frenchman in August. Bound to fail.

ZH comment of the day “Here in Italy, bribes are at least still paid in secret.”

.@realDonaldTrump A person who went bankrupt WHILE owning casinos, shouldn’t really have a say about economics. Shut the fuck up.

Just once, I want to hear an athlete win gold and say to the cameras, “Since there’s no God, I knew it was up to me, so I made it happen.”

It’s amazing to think that if Great Britain were a country, they’d be 3rd in the Olympic medal table right now.

A very good point. Instagram, $1 billion. Mars rover, $2.5 billion. RT @iFortknox: @umairh and instagram was bought for $1 billion. Lol

Dad had a saying: “Give people healthcare, and before you know it they’ll want food, too.”

Die CDU ist doch im Prinzip ein moralphilosophisches Experiment, oder? Um zu sehen, was passiert, wenn man keine Werte hat?

#curiosity #mars RT @Paul_Cornell: As Eugene Byrne put it: ‘The nerds just took Gold in the 560 billion metres’.

In 1974, 3% of retiring members of Congress became lobbyists. Today, 50% of Senators, 42% of House Reps (from @TheAtlantic). #yikes


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