Quotes & Links #5

1) psmag.com: The Reformation: Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?

They wanted to draw attention to a glaring problem with modern scientific protocol: Between the laboratory and the published study lies a gap that must be bridged by the laborious process of data analysis. As Simmons and his co-authors showed, this process is a virtual black box that, as currently constructed, “allows presenting anything as significant.”

2) economist.com: Genetically modified food – Vermont v science

The outlook is unappetising. Food scares are easy to start but hard to stop. GM opponents, like climate-change deniers, are deaf to evidence. And the world’s hungry people can’t vote in Vermont.

The problem is companies like Monsanto.

3) vox.com: How the US stopped its fisheries from collapsing

But the picture has improved considerably in the last decade, thanks in part to stricter fishing regulations.

“Prior to that, fisheries managers would often use softer techniques to try and prevent overfishing,” says Seth Atkinson of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

You don’t say?

4) imgur.com: Playing Diablo with someone way better than me
Doesn’t happen to me.

5) stefan-niggemeier.de: Conchita Wurst punktete bei den Zuschauern in ganz Europa

Anders als man es vielleicht erwarten konnte, gab es keine große Kluft zwischen den Menschen in West– und Ost-Europa, was die Bereitschaft anging, für die Drag-Queen zu stimmen. Wenn man in ihrem Sieg ein Votum für Toleranz sehen will, war es ein Votum, das von west– und osteuropäischen Menschen ausging. Einen markanten Unterschied zwischen Ost und West gab es nur beim Abstimmungsverhalten der Juroren; da wäre dann aber Deutschland auf osteuropäischer Seite.[emphasis added]

6) lousypennies.de: Ich dachte, diese Jungjournalisten wären Digital Natives. Doch es war nur ein Märchen…

Viele junge Kollegen sind zwar heftig auf Facebook, Instagram und anderen Netzwerken unterwegs – aber sie erkennen nicht, dass die sozialen Medien trotz Selfies, Katzenbildern, Gifs und Gaga-Listen wichtige journalistische Instrumente sind. Schlimmer noch: Viele haben sich die diffuse Angst ihrer Eltern und von so manchem Mainstream-Medium vor den sozialen Netzen zu eigen gemacht.

Kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung bestätigen. Journalisten sind halt nur Durchschnitt. Mittlerweile ist aber immerhin “reddit” in Deutschland “angekommen” (zumindest lässt sich SPON häufig von der Frontpage inspirieren).

7) noahpinion.com: Academic racism has a K=N problem

This is why even though academic racism could be right about some stuff, I just roll my eyes whenever I see it. “Race” is a kind of phlogiston that can be invoked to explain pretty much anything (kind of like “culture” and “technology” and “institutions” in economics!). [emphasis added] Until we have a much better understanding of genetics, the infinitely proliferating hypotheses of academic racism will be neither proven nor disproven, and people will go on believing in them (or disbelieving them).

8) zeit.de: Bürgerwehren in Brandenburg – Die Angst geht auf Streife

Um mehr als das Dreifache sind Autodiebstähle gestiegen, aber auch Fahrräder, Werkzeuge, Computer verschwinden. Manchmal spähen Banden wochenlang Bauernhöfe aus, um große Landmaschinen zu stehlen.

9) danbarham.com: Peter Dinklage! Peter Dinklage! [no spoiler]

10) onGamers.com: Dota 2 Compendium raises The International’s prize pool by $1,000,000 in 12 hours
I’m not much of a DotA 2 fan, but their community contribution is amazing. Currently the prize pool added is ~$1,300,000. Esports will not grow as much as it did the last ten years, but one can be quite sure that it will continue to grow and rival classic sports in a decade or so.

11) guardian.com: Reddit shakes up the defaults again: which are the best of the new intake?

“In the past we’ve just swapped out one subreddit for another, but this time we’re going to try something different,” says the Reddit community manager Alex Angel in a blogpost on the site. “Instead of 25 default subreddits, we’re going to bump it up to 50. You can look forward to a wider variety of topics and a frontpage that is much more fluid than today’s frontpage.”

Seems like a good move to me. I might add some of the new ones to my frontpage as well.


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