Quotes & Links #7

1) slate.com: The Facebook Cleanse

The quick burst of guilt I felt was immediately replaced by a wave of relief. It was so easy! And now we were out of each other’s feeds forever. I unfriended a couple of other tangential acquaintances on the birthday list, wished a happy birthday!!!!!1!! to my best friend from high school, and signed off feeling like a new man. I’d cut my friends list from 1,642 to a much more manageable 1,639.

The question is… why would you even add so many? WHY?!

2) thebreakthrough.org: The Coming Realignment – Cities, Class, and Ideology After Social Conservatism

While individuals often become somewhat more conservative as they grow older, it seems likely that the Millennial generation will permanently shift American attitudes to the left—on social issues, if not necessarily on economics.


But the chief catalyst of the realignment will be the near-universal victory of social liberalism. In a nation in which both parties are socially liberal, existing coalitions are likely to break up and reform in striking ways.

The question is obviously whether this will mean a change in policies enacted and implemented. A change in society does not mean that it will change a country – even in a democracy.

3) reuters.com: The most expensive lottery ticket in the world

And so a huge number of incredibly well qualified engineers, who in previous decades would have put their skills to work being a part of something much bigger than themselves, instead decide to go it alone.

I wonder if we would be living in a much better world if we had’t invested so much human capital in these superficial, superfluous and glorified endeavors… I kinda doubt it.

4) nytimes.com The Hot Seat – ‘Stress Test,’ by Timothy F. Geithner

5) spiegel.de: Versicherung für Bus und Bahn: Klub der Schwarzfahrer

Die schwedische Organisation Planka.nu hat demnach im vergangenen Jahr doppelt so viel eingenommen wie für die Bezahlung der Bußgelder ausgegeben: Knapp 5500 Euro hätte die Schwarzfahrerversicherung pro Monat von ihren Mitgliedern bekommen – knapp elf Euro pro Person. Vor zehn Jahren habe die Gruppe laut dem Zeitungsbericht noch ungefähr 80 Prozent ihrer Mitgliederbeiträge für die Strafen abdrücken müssen.

I guess free public transportation might be the only way in the future. I certainly won’t mind, although I rarely use any public transportation (directly that is).

6) deliberationdaily.de: Warum sich Bernd Lucke mit Gregor Gysi zum Bier treffen sollte

Und darin ist sie für die Konservativen genau das, was die LINKE für die Linken ist: Fleisch vom eigenen Fleische, und zudem noch ein beständiger Stachel im selben. Die Muster, mit denen die Partei im öffentlichen Diskurs vorkommt, sind auf geradezu unheimliche Weise denen der LINKEn ähnlich.

Interessante Beobachtung(en). Ich weiß aber nicht, ob man das so verallgemeiner kann. Und wo wären die Piraten anzusiedeln?

7) andrewgelman.com: Forum in Ecology on p-values and model selection

To P or not to P?
Jarrett J. Barber, Kiona Ogle


The journal editors sent me Murtaugh’s paper and invited me to write a short comment, which I did, and it was all set to be published when I found out that there was a $300 publication fee. I couldn’t bring myself to pay money to have the journal publish something that I wrote for them for free!


8) washingtonpost.com: Another good Kim Jong Un story dies as ‘executed’ girlfriend lives

Last weekend, however, Kim Jong Un’s now-executed porn star former lover rose from the dead to give a speech — in uniform, sans leotard — at a national artists’ meeting.

9) vox.com: Why the US is always so unprepared to fight wildfires

And Congress is making things worse


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