Quotes & Links #9

1) nytimes.com: Deutsche Bank Vows to Remain a Top 5 Investment Bank

“Deutsche Bank has become a big legal department with a banking subsidiary,” Mr. Nieding said.

2) vox.com: The entire basis for Obama’s drone strategy may be wrong

Jordan makes a compelling case that the Obama administration is treating al-Qaeda as a charismatic group — hence the big focus on killing its top leaders, which means using drones — when she argues that is in fact a bureaucratic group, for which targeting individual leaders is a lot less useful.

3) spectator.co.uk: Has Thomas Piketty met his match?

But for her, that sort of accumulation is a scratch-card-sized prize — and the lottery jackpot beckons. She enthuses about the Great Enrichment of the 19th century. “What happened, understand, is not 100 per cent growth, but anywhere from 2,900 per cent growth to 9,900 per cent growth. A factor of either 30 or 100.”

4) fivethirtyeight.com: I Stand Corrected About the Best Kind of Desk

However, a recent flurry of studies suggests that too much sitting is associated with every health issue imaginable: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and just straight-up death. And since a lot of sitting does happen at work, office jobs in particular, people have started to consider whether some standing might be healthful.

6) nzz.ch: Verquere Debatte in Deutschland – das grosse Feindbild Google

7) faz.net: Kriminalität wächst sich aus

Dazu gehöre auch die Erkenntnis, dass Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund nicht häufiger an Gewaltdelikten beteiligt sind als Jugendliche ohne Migrationshintergrund. „Das hat uns selbst überrascht.“ Zudem belege die Studie, dass Strafen nicht abschrecken. Zwar könne nicht ganz auf Strafen verzichtet werden. Es gelte aber die Faustregel: weniger ist mehr, Erziehungsmaßnahme vor Arrest.

Not surprised, but I doubt people will be convinced the study. They even had to close the comment section, because their readers were appalled by the fact that they might’ve been wrong!

8) yahoo.com: In switch, gay rights issue now favoring Democrats

But gay marriage, supported by less than one-third of Americans in 2004, is now supported by a solid majority in recent polls, with approval highest among younger voters.

Sometimes society progresses much faster on social issues than I would imagine to be possible. It’s quite interesting.

9) bloombergview.com: Why Is Econ 101 So Bad?

Kay advocates that we shift from “paradigm” to “pragmatism” in Econ 101. I would put it a bit more concretely: What we need is to teach empirics. We need to teach undergrads how to tell if theories are right or wrong.

Greg Mankiew is right, when he writes: ” Economists usually do empirical work with statistical tools that most college freshmen have not yet learned.”

10) zeit.de: Skandalisierung – Wir ersticken an falscher Moral

Kurzum: Unsere Gesellschaft hat kein Missbrauchs-, geschweige denn ein Kriminalitäts-, sondern ein Scheinheiligkeitsproblem. Mit Bild als Zentralorgan, dass sich dort kratzt, wo es einen “inquisitorischen Mob” juckt, den Peter Sloterdijk “Echokammer für Hysterien und Vorwürfe” nennt.

Tja, so ist das halt?

12) washingtonpost.com: What 60 years of political gerrymandering looks like

What’s at stake, after all, is citizens’ representation in Congress. Partisan gerrymandering undermines the whole notion of a representative government. For proof, just look toward the lopsided seat distribution in the current Congress.

Some nice graphics. The actual consequences are unclear.

13) vox.com: Are pesticides killing all the honeybees? Not so fast.

It would be great if the honeybee mystery was solved once and for all. But the latest much-hyped study on pesticides and bees doesn’t seem to do that.


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