Quotes & Links #15

1) fivethirtyeight.com: Dear Mona Followup: Where Do People Drink The Most Beer, Wine And Spirits?

Namibia is the world’s biggest beer-drinking country, with 376 12-ounce cans of beer consumed per person. In Germany, the average is 346 cans, and in the U.S. it’s 249 cans.

Namibia drinks more beer than Germany? Hm.

2) crackajack.de: Google will now stop Sharks from biting your Torrents

Google confirmed to me that its newest generation of undersea cables comes wrapped in special protective yarn and steel wire armor—and that the goal is to protect against cable cuts, including possible shark attacks.


3) upshot.com: Special Sauce for Measuring Food Trends: The Fried Calamari Index

The pattern looks a little different, however, with many of the foods that have become trendy in the last decade. They now appear to become more popular faster, and then to fade from glory.

There’s also a post onpizza. I wonder what these trends would look like in Germany/Europe? Would they be similar? Or simply lag behind? How would the numbers differ from newspaper to newspaper?

4) zeit.de: Warum es im Euroland so schlecht läuft

Institutionelle Nachteile lassen sich nicht rasch beheben. Auf Dauer müssen sie aber beseitigt werden, wenn der Euro überleben soll. Der Euro ist mehr als ein Festkurssystem und braucht daher mehr Elemente eines Nationalstaats.

Not going to happen anytime soon. As long as a different country profits from the institutional inadequacy of the current setting nothing will change. Instead it will be used to get an advantage internationally or for the next election In the early 2000s other countries ganged up on Germany and now Germany is ganging up on other countries. Then each country introduces “beggar-thy-neighbour”-policies and *surprise, surprise* profits from them. Politicians and people feel great and can flaunt their success. Great system. /rant

5) zeit.de: Wenn Kaffee bitter schmeckt

Fairtrade-Kaffee hat nach Einschätzung verschiedener Forscher nur wenig bis vernachlässigbare Auswirkungen auf die Produzenten, vor allem die armen.

Well, don’t worry. Coffee will become unbelievable expensive soon ™ anyways. ;)

6) psmag.com: Ferguson Is a Serious Outlier via @Kunokom)

7) marginalrevolution.com: The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials

8) upshot.com: In One America, Guns and Diet. In the Other, Cameras and ‘Zoolander.’

The results, based on a decade of search data, offer a portrait of the very different subjects that occupy the thoughts of richer America and poorer America. They’re a glimpse into the id of our national inequality.

I’d love to see a similar analysis for Germany. I remember ZEIT having done a more superficial one a few months back.


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