Quotes & Links #18

1) nytimes.com: The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On

Overall, the marriage trends resemble those in many other areas of American life. For people on the wealthier side of the class divide, life is better than it used to be in many ways. For people on the other side, the situation is much more complicated.

2) cepr.net: Horrors! Germany Will See a Decline in the Ratio of Workers to Retirees Over the Next Fifty Years

Of course if we go back 50 years it would have been almost 5.0 workers to retiree. (The OECD puts the ratio at 4.9 in 1964, compared with 2.9 today and a projection of 1.5 in 2064.) So basically we will see the sort of demographic crisis going forward as we have seen in the past.

I did not know that.

3) businessinsider.com: The World’s 2nd-Smartest Man Reveals The ‘Brain Drugs’ That He Thinks Make Him Smarter

Pop, pop, pop. Then breakfast.

Gotta love out of context quoting. ;)

4) imgur.com: Anime for Older Audiences
A pretty good overview. I haven’t watched all of them and would probably remove Ghost Hunt from the list, but add some others instead.

5) medievalbooks.nl: Location, Location: GPS in the Medieval Library (via @diplix)
Old book pics. <3

6) mashable.com: The secret Hollywood procedure that has fooled us for years

So happy with retouching are today’s actors that many are willing to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the artist for days at a time, personally looking for flaws they want corrected. If the talent can’t be there, their managers often are, and nearly everything is approved before the final print.

I’m not sure “fooled” is the right term, more like (sub)consciously altered our expectations of beauty?

7) noahpinion.com: Sociology vs.the Empire

Sociologists, by (sometimes) continuing to use the tools of literary “critical theory”, have brought a nerf gun to a tank fight. We live in a quantitative, data-driven age, and if sociologists want to beat the imperialist economists, they aren’t going to do it by talking about “performativity”, or by ranting about how arrogant economists are, or by using “power” as a catch-all explanation for unexplained phenomena.

“Sociologists vs economists” is always a fun match to watch from the sidelines.

8) aeon.com: The golden quarter

Forget colonies on the Moon; if the Golden Quarter had become the Golden Century, the battery in your magic smartphone might even last more than a day.

A nice summary of all explanations for why (technological) progress has slowed down “recently”: great stagnation, concentration of wealth, lack of public funding, attitude towards risk changed.

9) vox.com: Don’t try to fight it: Your need to sleep is 80 percent genetic

More recently, researchers have also found that our need for sleep is largely determined by our genes.

I’ll never know how much sleep I need then. How do you figure out how much you need? Aren’t many other things clouding your analysis? Mood? Health? Things you can’t account for?

10) fivethirtyeight.com: How Common Is It For A Man To Be Shorter Than His Partner?

Their peer-reviewed study, published online in 2013, found that in 92.5 percent of couples, the man was taller than the woman and that the average height difference was 14.1 centimeters, or 5.6 inches.

Not surprised. I wonder if that will ever change? Asking for a friend. ;)

11) nytimes.com: How Our Taxi Article Happened to Undercut the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Last Thursday, with the stock market closed for Thanksgiving, my article about falling taxi medallion prices in those cities went up on the web. The next day Medallion Financial’s stock closed more than 7 percent lower, with nearly all that drop coming in the first minute of trading.

Pretty cool article.

12) venturebeat.com: YouPorn now sponsors an e-sports team

“We’re so psyched to finally make our official entry into gaming and e-sports,” says Brad Burns, the vice president of YouPorn. “This partnership has been a long time coming, and I believe that with our backing, along with the expertise that each member of Team YP brings to the table on the virtual battlefield, we can succeed in tearing through the competition at this year’s Gamergy event.

─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

13) twitter.com: Suanzes

Things I learned today. In Croatia shepherds use hand-knitted custom-made woolen penis warmers called ‘nakurnjak’

Oh well… for a picture click the link.


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