Quotes & Links: Holiday Edition

1) vox.com: One sentence that explains why nearly everything we think about food is wrong
Might as well read… see below.

2) bmj.com: Are some diets “mass murder”?

Reading these books and consulting some of the original studies has been a sobering experience. The successful attempt to reduce fat in the diet of Americans and others around the world has been a global, uncontrolled experiment, which like all experiments may well have led to bad outcomes.

Not surprised, but nice to see this as a featured article.

3) principlesandinterest.com: Printing clever weird stuff … aka money

The ECB is warming up to engage in quantitative easing this quarter. Again the newspapers will be filled with stories of money printing. And so it seems an opportune time to again ask ‘what do we mean by money printing?’

My mother usually listens to the radio (NDR Info, Deutschlandfunk) while doing cooking and whatnot and – by god – the quality of reporting (when it comes to economics or politics) is atrocious. I’m shocked and stunned every time. I have no idea how these people still have their jobs. They can’t comprehend that the world is not simply “black & white” or “us vs. them”.

Anyhow… great article to understand money.

4) legalnomads.com: Japan in 77 Photos
Beautiful pictures and interesting info. Great “blog”, too.

5) enlightenmenteconomics.com: Books to Look Forward to in 2015

6) demos.org: Where Is Educational Mobility the Highest?

The most successful countries include some of the obvious contenders (three of the top four use Nordic institutions) and some less obvious contenders (United Kingdom and Ireland).

Surprised to see Germany rank so high.

7) faz.net: Fehlende Investitionen: Wo bleibt der Mut?

Die Bruttoanlageinvestitionen lagen in Deutschland zwischen 2000 und 2014 im Durchschnitt bei 20 Prozent der Wirtschaftskraft. Selbst in Italien und Frankreich war es mehr, in Amerika sowieso.

Erinnert mich an Koos “Balance-Sheet recession”, bei der Firmen lange pessimistisch bleiben und nicht investieren.

8) bloombergview.com: Here’s What Economics Gets Right

This is something a lot of people claim, but once you look beyond the well-publicized fact that economists can’t predict recessions, you can see that the claim just isn’t true. Economics can predict plenty of things.



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