Quotes & Links #24

1) upshot.com: Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions

Even if, in our slow thinking, we work to avoid discrimination, it can easily creep into our fast thinking. Our snap judgments rely on all the associations we have — from fictional television shows to news reports. They use stereotypes, both the accurate and the inaccurate, both those we would want to use and ones we find repulsive.

It’s a big problem. I’m sure it can be expanded to other fields as well and maybe will be only seen as a start to have a honest discussion on bias in many more ways. Although the influence might be a lot less.

2) zeit.de: Banken noch nicht aus dem Schneider

Vermutlich ist ein Ende mit Schrecken, also eine Reihe von Bankpleiten, realwirtschaftlich eine günstigere Alternative als ein Schrecken ohne Ende in Form eines langfristig unterausgelasteten Produktionspotenzials. Das wäre jedenfalls mein Verdacht.

3) faz.net: Pegida und Pilsener: Warum Identitätsdebatten nichts bringen

4) wsj.com: Aaron Rodgers’s Hardest Catch: His Jokes

“Rodgers’s jokes, teammates say, are almost entirely for his own entertainment.”

Hah, he sounds like me.

5) vox.com: I lost weight by eating lots of bacon and cream. Here’s a scientific explanation for why
I really should start reading “The Big Fat Surprise”.

6) guardian.com: Luisa Omielan: Go out with a comedian? Only if they stopped being so needy

Like who? Which celebrities do you like?

I have a rule about never fancying celebrities.

Was disappointed that she decided to name exceptions to the rule.

7) vox.com: Germany can borrow money for less than nothing right now

M&G’s view is that this makes it fiscally irresponsible for Germany to run a budget surplus. And the logic is hard to argue. Germany’s budget surplus is modest, but it seems perverse at a time when the global financial community is paying the German government to act as a safe haven.

I agree, but I don’t see how one follows from the other?

8) rocketnews24: “Business Nail” – the latest trend among young Japanese businessmen looking to get ahead

“Back in the Heian period [794-1185], ninjas would paint the thumbnail of their left hand with their clan’s mark,” Tsuitachi told us over coffee in Shinjuku, his mobile phone buzzing every few minutes and his fingers – whose nails were painted with horizontal yellow and black stripes like those of a worker bee’s body – moving with startling speed as he typed out replies.

An interesting trend. Personally, I like my nails the way they are, but to each his own.

9) bloombergview: Seven Troubling Trends for 2015
A good list.

10) wordpress.com: Anime Spring 2015
FSN Unlimited Blade Works Part 2 (although I find the FSN-universe overrated as hell, Gunslinger Stratos, Heroic Legend of Arslan, Kekkai Sensei, Knights of Sidonia, Ninja Slayer and Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken seem interesting. Maybe I’ll take a closer look this season. I didn’t watch anything this fall/winter.


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