Quotes & Links #26

1) moneyillusion.com: No, strong labor markets don’t cause higher wages (never reason from a quantity change)

They have causality backwards. Jobs are rising fast because wage growth is moderating, just as the sticky wage/natural rate hypothesis predicts.

2) equitablegrowth.org: What Was and Is the Real Macroeconomic Research Frontier?: Daily Focus

3) reddit.com: Neuromyths like…
A nice list.

4) blog.supplysideliberal.com: Islam Needs To Separate Church and State

5) faz.net: Was der Islam mit dem Islam zu tun hat

Die Inquisition hatte auch etwas mit dem Christentum zu tun

6) wiesaussieht.de: Was tun nach den Morden in Paris?

Aber beide Seiten, und dafür braucht man nicht Gottes Namen oder das Grundgesetz anzurufen, haben eine Kollektivverantwortung für das, was in ihrem Namen passiert. An die Muslime ist die gleiche Verantwortung zu richten, wie sie die Deutschen für die Taten der NSU übernehmen müssen.

7) PsychologyToday: Why Don’t Women Ask Men Out on First Dates?
Surprised by the graphs. Obviously not all of the reasoning has to be genetic; it could still be leftover structural discrimination and not evolutionary. The numbers of people asked is also very low, but does mirror my personal experience (and that of friends – bubble!).

8) washingtonpost.com: Sri Lanka’s surprise political transition

Sri Lanka went to the polls on Thursday in a historic election. For the first time since the island became independent in 1948, an incumbent president was voted out of office

Wow. Very interesting. I’m going to buy a book on Sri Lankian politics & history now.

9) theatlantic.com: The Charlie Hebdo I Know

Another artist, Renald Luzier, who goes by Luz, worried that the symbolism with which Charlie Hebdo has now been imbued is misguided. “This current symbolic weight is everything Charlie has always worked against: destroying symbols, knocking down taboos, setting fantasies straight,” he told the French cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

Life’s tough on the edge.

10) supplysideliberal.com: Islam Needs To Separate Church and State

So the deck is stacked against the Arabian peninsula and North Africa. It will simply be harder for these countries to embrace separation of church and state than it was for European countries to do so.

11) nytimes.com: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This
Seems more like a pick-up line than anything else. The 36 questions are interesting and very hard. Do people know themselves that well? How?


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