Quotes & Links #27

1) dailykos.com: The Charlie Hebdo cartoons no one is showing you.

2) theatlantic.com: The Charlie Hebdo I Know

The magazine is, however, intolerant of religion and believers of all sorts, and smug in those anticlerical convictions. Dialogue with its opponents was never of much interest, and it has repeatedly chosen to target some of France’s most vulnerable inhabitants for provocation.

3) theweek: The Charlie Hebdo attacks show that not all blasphemies are equal

But what if drawing a cartoon of Muhammad is not, theologically speaking, like drawing a parody of Jesus? What if it is more like desecrating the Eucharist, something I think Charlie Hebdo’s editors would never do?

4) nerdcore.de: 3 fucking Pens: The Days after Charlie

Sind ihre Karikaturen verantwortungslose Provokation? Na klar, sofern man bereit ist, die Arbeiten vollständig aus ihrem Kontext herauszulösen.

It’s the context, stupid!

5) guardian.com: Saudi cleric issues fatwa on snowmen

6) vocativ.com: Three Jobs Pay American Women More Than Men

According to the release, if you are a health practitioner support technologist or technician, you are paid more, on average, if you’re female than if you’re male; women in that bracket earned 103.7 percent of what their male counterparts did. Female counselors, too, earned 102.6 percent of what males in the same field took home.

Wie das wohl in Deutschland so ist?

7) youtube.com/strytv: COMING OF RAGE
Very cool documentary about the Ultras of Çarşı. In German though.

8) businessinsider.uk: These Charts Show Just How Much German Retailers Aldi and Lidl Are Hurting British Supermarkets
Reminds of the early 2000s(?), WalMart tried to conquer Germany and utterly failed because people perceived them as evil. I wonder if Aldi and Lidl will have a similar image in other countries soon?

9) medienwoche.ch: Abwehrschlacht gegen «das Volk»

Liest man aktuell etablierte deutsche Medien, so muss man das Gefühl erhalten, bei Pegida seien jede Woche zehntausende waschechte Rassisten und Neonazis unterwegs, die das Ziel haben, den Rechtsstaat aus den Angeln zu heben

Ein paar gute Gedanken zu Pegida im Hinblick auf die schweizer Erfahrungen.

10) washingtonpost.com: Terror in France: implications for Muslim integration

Muslim immigrants to France are culturally distinct from the host society in ways that are threatening to French republican ideals; such distinction feeds anti-Muslim discrimination in France, which itself encourages greater Muslim withdrawal from French society, feeding back into French discrimination.

This mirrors my experience when I’m in France and “talk” with our French friends who either live/lived or were born in Paris.

11) washingtonpost.com: Boko Haram is not al-Qaeda

Treating terrorism as a monolithic, global network serves a specific political agenda, mobilizing support for well-intentioned but homogenous and ineffective counter-terrorism programs. Counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism programs that fail to acknowledge the context and characteristics of specific movements have failed and will continue to fail.

Some good info on Boko Haram. Without any hashtags! Who thought that’d be possible?


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