Quotes & Links #33

1) jensweinreich.de: Supermacht mit Petrodollars: Katars Expansionsstrategie im Sport

Gerade hat der Leichtathletik-Weltverband IAAF die WM 2019 an Doha vergeben. Barcelona wurde im ersten Wahlgang eliminiert. Im Finale gewann Doha mit 15:12 gegen Eugene, die Leichtathletik-Hochburg im US-Bundesstaat Oregon, die ein einzigartiges Konzept präsentiert hatte. Ein familiäres Sportfest mit Tradition. Wie bitte? Tradition, Nachhaltigkeit, wen interessiert denn das?

Says it all.

2) theeconomist.com: An editor’s farewell – The case for liberal optimism

The only way to feel good about American democracy is to set it beside Brussels.

Private equity and Exxon are both clever enough not to need special tax breaks. Four times as much public money goes to the wealthiest 20% of Americans in mortgage-interest deductions than is spent on social housing for the poorest fifth.

For some strange reason he thinks “free trade agreements” foster prosperity, but yeah… otherwise an interesting parting article.

3) zeit.de: Das Geheimnis des billigen Öls
Habe bisher immer Bertolli-Olivenöl gekauft. Das werde ich nun nicht mehr machen.

4) abandonedfootnotes.com: The Saudi Monarchy as a Family Firm

One of the key things that makes family governance work in this context is, paradoxically, the indefiniteness of the succession rule. The succession norm in Saudi Arabia, for instance, only establishes that the kingship should pass to the most senior “able” male descendant of Ibn Saud, rather than simply to the eldest son or brother of the current king.

5) andrewgelman.com: Cognitive vs. behavioral in psychology, economics, and political science

The cognitive-psychology perspective, as I see it, is that we are thinking beings, and to the extent that we are influenced in irrational ways (whether by hormones, or subliminal marketing, or whatever), we mediate these influences through our thought processes.

6) fivethirtyeight.com: Men, Those Tightie Whities Really Are Killing Your Sperm Count

Even more striking, by the end of the study the sperm count for the men in this sample was at virtually zero. By the last visit, only three of the five men had ANY sperm in their ejaculate.


7) qz.com: In China, highly educated women are mocked as a sexless “third gender”

One of her interviewees, a worker in the manufacturing hub of Guangzhou, was shocked to learn that she was working toward a PhD. “You’re not bad looking even though you’re a PhD,” Deng recalls him saying.


Young women outperform their male counterparts so much that some universities have started requiring higher test scores from female applicants.

Crazy how far ahead females are in terms of grades. Reminds me of the article I linked to in Quotes & Links #31: Girls outperform boys academically worldwide eve in math and science.

8) greeneconomics.com: The NY Times Implicitly States that the 1% Are the Key to Long Run Economic Growth
Ho ho ho! How Hayekian!

9) scilogs.de/natur-des-glaubens: Mal einfach Fakten: Deutschland wird durch Zuwanderung re-”christianisiert”, “pluralisiert” und regional “katholisiert” statt “islamisiert”

10) euobserver.com: Greece flip-flops on troika talks
Es wird nichts so heiß gegessen, wie es gekocht wird. (=Nothing is being eaten as hot as it is cooked) Although it might not be true for other cultures, nonetheless it’s a good guide to the current Greece vs. Troika/Germany/Euro/whatever situation.


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