Quotes & Links #53

1) bloomberg.com: IMF Considers Greece Its Most Unhelpful Client Ever
While this may be true, it certainly should be difficult to assess such a claim in any objective manner.

2) bloomberg.com: The Central Bank of Central Banks Says Keep Calm About Deflation

3) bloombergview.com: A Trade Deal Liberals Can Live With

To the standard argument that trade boosts economic efficiency, we should add the boost that intellectual property protection will give our manufacturers, and the geopolitical advantages of the deal.

I wonder what the differences between TPP and TTIP are? The TTIP returns are probably even less than the TPP returns? Are the real problems simply “normative”? Maybe the political aspect of TTIP isn’t discussed enough, though.

4) marginalrevolution.com: How effective is the minimum wage at supporting the poor?
IN Germany I see the minimum wage as overall neutral policy that still allows social democrats to have a symbolic win which is why its adoption was so important for the SPD.

5) marginalrevolution.com: The Economics of the California Water Shortage

6) washingtonpost.com/monkey-cage: How democratic institutions are making dictatorships more durable

Dictatorships with multiple political parties and a legislature now last 14 years longer than those without (19 years versus five years, on average). Regularly holding elections further extends their tenures to 22 years.

Very good article.

7) medium.com/bull-market: Greece — still playing chicken games?

If there is one thing which Germany (and the other creditor countries) really can’t tolerate, it is the idea that the Euro might provide a mechanism whereby other countries can ignore their fiscal constraints, and effectively run up Germany’s tab.

8) medium.com/bull-market: Is Finland’s Slump A Glimpse Into Europe’s Future?

The future for growth in Europe appears to be Finnish.


9) vox.com: This Target executive knows what’s wrong with the minimum wage
What would be an optimal minimal wage area? ;)


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