Quotes & Links #56

1) medium.com/conversations-with-tyler: Peter Thiel on the Future of Innovation
Great interview. Must-read imo.

2) npr.org: How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

They moved on to an aesthetic theory of taste. Rather than infusing food with spice, they said things should taste like themselves. Meat should taste like meat, and anything you add only serves to intensify the existing flavors.

Hah, pretty interesting.

3) project-syndicate.org: Secular Stagnation for Free

4) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: More scientists doubt salt is as bad for you as the government says

5) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

6) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits

7) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: A scientific conundrum: Why certainty is so elusive in diet research

The answer is despite the proliferation of claims that one diet or another is “proven,” actually determining how eating influences health is famously challenging.


8) marginalrevolution.com: Moral Suasion vs. Price Incentives for Conservation

9) reddit.com/r/science: Sexual offending runs in families, 37-year nationwide study finds

10) andrewgelman.com: Another stylized fact bites the dust

Still trying to catch up with some stuff. Hope I can return to “regular” blogging next week.


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