Quotes & Links #57

1) medium.com/matter: Apocalyptic Schadenfreude

The Central Valley takes up only 1% of the landmass of the United States, but it produces 25% of the food we eat, and almost half of the fruits or nuts we consume. California is running through its water supply because, for complicated historical and climatological reasons, it has taken on the burden of feeding the rest of the country.

Interesting aspect often overlooked by many – as shown in this article.

2) youtube.com/SchoolOfLife: What do the Rich really Want?
I think the video is too simplistic, but it’s true that we tend to overestimate money as an incentive.

3) vox.com: Israel’s dark future – Democracy in the Jewish state is doomed

In other words, Jewish Israelis express an abstract desire for democracy, but do not support enacting it in practice. Rather, they want a state that gives Jews greater political rights and authority.

I don’t think it’s too late yet and the article seems a bit too definite in its conclusion. Let’s hope the pendulum swings back and we can find a sustainable solution. Hah, who am I kidding? ;)

4) brookins.edu/BenBernanke: Why are interest rates so low, part 4: Term premiums

5) medium.com/bull-market: Digital Locability and Interocular Trauma

And here we are, billions of dollars of lost money later, and the CEO of JP Morgan, with all of his risk team behind him, has convinced himself that 0.385 of a percentage point is a really big movement, that it demonstrates that regulatory policy is fundamentally misguided, and that even the basis of statistics themselves might be wrong.


6) vox.com: How should journalists cover quacks like Dr. Oz or the Food Babe?
Tough call for sure. I think there’s no right answer because people usually consume media to confirm their priors and not to challenge them. This is (often enough) not even a matter of intelligence. The “doubt industry” is an interesting term. Sounds a bit too much like “pretense of knowledge” to me though.

7) bloombergview.com: Ghana’s Success Story Goes Dark
Sad to read about it. Ghana was a beautiful place when I visited it a few years ago. Let’s hope they can manage to turn it around again!

8) carnegieeurope.eu: After Moscow, Where Next for Tsipras?

The German government in particular had serious misgivings about Greece adopting the euro. But one of the main reasons that Berlin relented was because Athens threatened to bring up the issue of World War II reparations if it was not allowed to enter the euro zone.

9) sethgodin.typepad.com: Hope and expectation

Hope is fuel, it moves us forward and it amplifies our best work.

10) guardian.com: The climate denier’s guide to getting rich from fossil fuel divestment
Hahaha, nice article.

11) vox.com: 93 percent of nurses are women — and the 7 percent who are men still make more money
Pretty ridiculous. I wonder why the wages diverged after 2000? Seems really strange. And why is the biggest gap among nurse anesthesiologists? Also: data obviously not adjusted for all variables.

12) edition.cnn.com: The myth about women in science

National hiring audits, some dating back to the 1980s, reveal that female scientists have had a significantly higher chance of being interviewed and hired than men. Although women were less likely to apply for jobs, if they did apply, their chances of getting the job were usually better.


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