Quotes & Links #59

1) voxeu.org: Economic consequences of gender identity

The results indicate that the prescription that women should earn less than men plays a role in marriage rates, the labour market supply of women, and marital satisfaction.

2) katefoster.co.uk: Socks and singleness – what we take for granted

In four years, I’ve frequently felt as though I’m paying my dues for nonchalance when it comes to love. Scenarios keep pulling me up short like a big, exasperated slap of reality. The men I’ve fallen for, who turn out not to be ready. Those who are not free, much as they’d like to be. Those who, actually, I’m just not that into. And vice versa.

I wonder if singleness gets a lot worse when one gets older. She shouldn’t be so hard on her self though, we are – as a species – pretty, pretty bad when it comes to love, but hey: “Now let’s pretend we don’t know any of this“. ;)

3) businessinsider.com: 66 life-changing things you can do with a lemon

4) noahpinionblog.com: Did macro theory fail us in the crisis?
Yes, but not how you think it did. ;)

5) slatestarecodex.com: Trouble Walking Down The Hallway
A critical look at some gender bias/sexism studies (esp. the one I linked to a few days ago).

6) nzz.at: Liberale sind skeptisch und rebellisch
Naja, wie so häufig, steckt auch beim Liberalismus “der Teufel im Detail”.

Aber lassen wir uns nicht täuschen: Wenn es um Struktur-Konservatismus geht, darum, das Gewohnte unbedingt zu erhalten, dann zählen heute Linke zu den größten Konservativen.

Hah, leider (oft) wahr. Was das alles für die NZZ bedeutet, kann ich nur schwerlich beurteilen.

7) bloomberg.com: Germany – Has Any Country Ever Had It So Good?
Heh. I wonder how many Germans feel that way? ;)

In fact, as projections released by Eurostat this morning show that the only thing Germany is likely to have a shortage of soon is Germans.

8) rodrik.typepad.com: Turkish economic myths

9) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: Who millennials trust, and don’t trust, is driving the new economy

Here is PwC’s smart answer: “If trust in individuals and institutions is waning or at best holding steady, faith in the aggregate is growing.”


10) bloomberg.com: The Expensive Antics of China’s Gaudiest Billionaire

Even his settlement for the bowl was theatrical: 24 separate swipes of his American Express Centurion card. He said he didn’t even realize that he qualified for hundreds of millions of reward points.



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