Book Excerpt

I think of my blend as one very good way of absorbing information from the outside world, but it would be a mistake to elevate the informational purposes of the blend (however important) over the emotional import and the sense of connection. Most of all I think of my blend as an assembld set of stories and an assembled set of information packages. The blend is about the writers I read, the public figures I read about, the broader intelectual narratives about the world, and indirectly stories about my own self-discovery. To me the blend offers the ultimate in interest and suspense. Call me an addict if you wish, but if I am torn away from these stories for even a day I am keen to get back to “the next episode,” so to speak.

Tyler Cowen, Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World (2009), pg. 51-52.


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