Quotes & Links #62

1) vox.com: Hozier’s success means great things for the future of music
Interesting. I only know one of their songs (Take Me To Church”) and it seems I underestimated him quite a bit. I also clearly didn’t get his song at all, lol.

“More so than the sound,” Hozier told me, “I think people are invested in the lyrics. That’s very important to me.”

This is actually true for me for most songs and (or so it would seem) for the majority of people, too.

2) medium.com/bull-market: The economics and politics of Thomas the Tank Engine
Economists at their best: response #1 and response #2. ;)

3) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: Economists have discovered how bad the economy really is

4) fusion.net: The FBI convicted this man using hair analysis. It was a dog’s hair.

5) zeit.de/herdentrieb: Gabriels Investitionskommission – Viel heiße Luft

Die eigentliche Frage, die dem Bericht zugrunde liegt, ist: Wie umschiffen wir Schuldenbremse und Fiskalpakt, um doch noch per Kredit Infrastruktur finanzieren zu können?

Habe den Expertenbericht nicht gelesen, aber der Blogpost ist ziemlich kritisch.

6) voxeu.org: Debt supercycle, not secular stagnation

In sum, the case for describing the world as being in a debt supercycle is both theoretically and empirically compelling. The case for secular stagnation is far thinner. It is always very difficult to predict long-run future growth trends, and although there are some headwinds, technological progress seems at least as likely to outperform over the next two decades as it is to exhibit a sharp slowdown.

I wonder about that, but interesting article and he certainly makes a compelling case.

7) suffragio.org: As US Drug Policy Loosens, Dutch Laws Tighten
Interesting development.

8) imgur.com: World Religion
Why was communism more effective in rooting out religion in Eastern Germany etc, but not very successful in other parts?

9) imgur.com: Amount of different countries reaching the champions league semi-finals through the decades.

10) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: A stunning visualization of our divided Congress
Stunning indeed. Kind of scary, too.

11) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: How to seem smart in meetings without really trying

12) theweek.com: Why the ‘safe space’ movement is a liberal assault on freedom

The political left used to praise fearlessness, non-conformism, and dangerous ideas. It used to embrace the figures of history who were once branded heretics. Maybe that romantic rhetoric is too deeply embedded in our political tradition and culture to let this hysterical, stultifying conformism colonize our institutions and social life.

This ‘safe place’ and ‘trigger warning’ debate sounds so insane from the other side of the pond…


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