Music I Recently Listened To

It’s been (2011) a while (2013) since I wrote about music. Partly, because my interest has waned, but also because it can be a rather time and money consuming hobby. If you are too lazy to read the rest you may simply listen to the Spotify playlist.

Why isn’t xyz on the list? – Time/accessibility/interest.

1. Jazmine Sullivan – “Reality Show”: All songs have a very nice rhythm (& blues ;) and Jazmine Sullivan has a beautiful voice to deliver the songs in full force. The lyrics are always a bit ambiguous, but such is life. Well, some are not: You’re amazing, so am I/Let’s dress up fancy and drink wine/Let’s go crazy, don’t be scared/Cause we can conquer the world, we can conquer the world/If you dare~
Fav. Song(s): Dumb, Stupid Girls, #HoodLove, If You Dare.

2. Jessie Ware – “Tough Love”: The album is a bit too cheesy. She’s like a female version of Ed Sheeran and I really don’t like him. However, her music and lyrics seem a bit more sophisticated than his (phew!). And female voices are much nicer than male voices to begin with (phew!²). I mainly listened to the album because I like the lyrics of “Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe“.
Fav. Song(s): Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe.

3. Natalie Prass – “self-titled”: I’m surprised how much I like this album. She has a somewhat shy and somewhat innocent voice – some say it’s a Disney-princess voice – but I disagree. It’s more nuanced and complex than that. I often listened to it while reading “The Pursuit Of The Well-Beloved“. They complemented each other quite well.
Fav. Song(s): Your Fool, Bird of Prey, Why Don’t You Believe Me, Violently.

4. Jessica Pratt – “self-titled”: Ahh, did not enjoy it. Her voice annoyed me.

5. Charli XCX – “Sucker”: A disappointment. Some songs are fine, but the lyrics are a huge turn-off. I don’t quite understand why her album was hyped so much. Her songs are fine for a jog or a workout in the gym, but apart from that…
Fav. Song(s): Break The Rules, Boom Clap.

6. Laura Marling – “Short Movie”: Enthralling voice and music. I think the first part is much stronger than the second half. I also like most of the lyrics: Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be at all? There’s a party uptown but I just don’t feel like I belong at all. Do I?
Fav. Song(s): Warrior, I Feel Your Love, Don’t Let Me Bring You Down, Strange, False Hope. Ok, I kind of like them all.

7. Kendrick Lamar – “To Pimp A Butterfly”: Yeah, awesome album. It’s not as coherent, maybe, as “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City“, but his songwriting is once again top-notch. It feels more like a play than an album to me. And even though he doesn’t want to be categorized as “conscious hip hop”, it’s hard to place him anywhere else. I mean, just read the lyrics and explanations for King Kuta or Mortal Man.
Fav. Song(s): King Kunta, Hood Politics, u, i, Mortal Man.

8. Tocotronic – “Rotes Album”: I’m still not sure how much or exactly what I like about it. I probably never will…
Fav. Song(s): Ich öffne mich, Chaos.

9. Marina & the Diamonds – “FROOT”: It’s very different from her last two albums. It’s not as quirky, but has a cleaner sound; a bit more like Lana Del Rey perhaps? I’m not sure if it’s her weakest album, but it’s definitely not better than “The Family Jewels”.
Fav. Song(s): Forget, Better Than That.

Up next: Róisín Murphy – “Hairless Toys”, Blur – “The Magic Whip”, Sophie Hunger – “Supermoon”, Balbina – “Über das Grübeln” and who knows…


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