Quotes & Links #67

1) scilogs.de: Sehr sehr sehr selten – Erdbeben beim Fracking

Nein: Das einzelne spürbare Ohio-Beben erscheint kaum als Grund, die Methode Fracking deshalb an den Pranger zu stellen. Sondern eher die damit verbundene Art, Abwasser loszuwerden.

2) scilogs.de: Keine Pause, nirgends

3) nytimes.com: Witness Accounts in Midtown Hammer Attack Show the Power of False Memory

Contrary to what Mr. O’Grady said, the man who was shot had not been trying to get away from the officers; he was actually chasing an officer from the sidewalk onto Eighth Avenue, swinging a hammer at her head. Behind both was the officer’s partner, who shot the man, David Baril.

4) fastcodesign.com: Peek Inside The Gorgeous Notebooks Of Professional Soccer Broadcasters
Surprised. I’d like a few more pictures, too. Still not sure whether they are real or not.

5) newyorker.com: Tomorrow’s Advance Man – Marc Andreessen’s Plan to Win the Future

“You have to work your way back to figure out the politics, the motivations. I always stop when I get to evolutionary psychology, and why we have tribes—oh, O.K., we’re primates cursed with emotions and the ability to do logical thinking.”

Before their second date, he delivered what she calls “a twenty-five-minute monologue on why we should go steady, with a full intellectual decision tree in anticipation of my own decision tree.

“It’s an ego game, where you want to believe you’re changing the world. But how can you write a check to Fab and believe that giving people discounted tchotchkes is changing the world?”

6) imgur.com: Yuumei Digital Art
Some pretty cool art.

7) themoneyillusion.com: Report from China
Interesting observations.

8) noahpinion.com: Paul Romer on mathiness
He has some other links if one is interested in the debate.

9) paulromer.net: Ed Prescott is No Robert Solow, No Gary Becker

When you think you are too stupid to understand what they are saying and want to give up, trust me, it isn’t you. What they are saying makes no sense. No one can understand it. The authors do not understand it.

He’s not pulling any punches, is he? ;)

10) medium.com/bull-market: Violent warfare is on the wane, right?

Moreover, it [the new paper] strongly suggests that hopes of a future with significantly less war are NOT supported by anything in the recent trend of conflict infrequency. The optimists are fooling themselves.

Seems like our celebration happened too early.

11) faz.net: Unser Professor, der Rassist

Ein Erziehungswissenschaftler der Humboldt-Universität wurde 2014 zum Rassisten gestempelt, weil er seine Studenten in der Vorlesung „Grundbegriffe und Theorien pädagogischen Handelns und Denkens“ Texte von Kant lesen ließ. Kant verbreitet nach Ansicht der Anonymen aus einer „eurozentristischen weißen Perspektive rassistische Ansichten“.


12) overcomingbias.com: Take Origins Seriously

In order to overcome this bias, we either need to find a way to later question our initial teachings so well that we eliminate this correlation between our beliefs and our early teachings, or we need to find strong arguments for why one should expect more accurate beliefs to come from the source of our personal teaching, arguments that should persuade people regardless of their teaching. These are both hard standards to meet.


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