Quotes & Links #68

1) medium.com/on-life-and-leadership: It’s OK to be Dumb (But Not Stupid)

It’s OK to be dumb. Dumb admits it’s ignorance. And so it can learn, absorb, grow. Dumb doesn’t know, and doesn’t pretend to. Realizing that you’re dumb, you might crack open a book…listen to a talk…stop and think. Awareness of one’s dumbness is the first precondition of gaining any kind of knowledge.

2) vox.com: These common tax breaks are a disaster for small business
The same problem exists in Germany. Sadly, without any liberal party (FDP is a “liberal” party and their proposed policies are often not good for small businesses) they will persist for quite some time.

3) paulromer.net: Protecting the Norms of Science in Economics
Some wise words by Paul Romer. Although I do not think that the difference between “norms of science” and “norms of politics” is (or should be?) as clear-cut as he says it is. And I also don’t think the situation is as bad as he portrays it, but then again, he is much better informed and a much better judge. His way of “punishing” dissenters also seems a rather slippery slope…

4) vulture.com: How the Media Forced Mad Men Down the World’s Throat

Sure, The Wire and The Sopranos became our new Tolstoy and Game of Thrones our new foul-tempered Tolkien, Breaking Bad had almost obviated the need for Tarantino, and we all remember that year when we thought Homeland was a masterpiece — but it was in Mad Men that the chattering classes found the only show that seemed to speak to them directly.

I kind of liked the show, but only watched the first season which is normal for me.

5) washingtonpost.com/post-partisan: A challenge to ‘progressives’ on TPP

The problem, he argues, isn’t that the trade deal would force Americans to compete with poorer and more desperate workers overseas. The problem is that the deal wouldn’t do enough of that. Trade helps poor nations develop without exacting net economic damage to rich nations, but the poorest countries are left out of the TPP.

I have no idea how true any of this is though.

6) qz.com: The best idioms from around the world, ranked

7) politico.eu: A united Europe is closer than you think

It may well be that the peoples of Europe (especially in the eurozone) want more integration, but that it is their national governmental elites that are holding back because they stand to lose the most from a greater degree of union.

I feel the same (pro integration), my friends feel the same and many other people I “know” do, too. However, we are all very similar so it’s not all that surprising. Also: the author should’ve plotted the time series of the question.

8) qz.com: Europe’s ban on seal products has been awful for Greenland’s Inuits, and for seals

The seal population in the waters surrounding Greenland is an estimated 16 million […].

9) youtube.com: The Legacy Of A 26-Year-Old Economist

10) zeit.de: Politik der Greise
Wundert mich nicht. Ist auch ein Grund, warum wir mehr Einwanderung brauchen. Tyler Cowen argumentiert gelegentlich ähnlich. Wird/Ist ein spannendes Forschungsfeld (werden). Ob die momentane Situation tatsächlich “trügerisch” ist, bezweifel ich – zumindest ist sie nicht “trügerischer” als sonst sowieso schon.

11) qz.com: Autonomous cars will destroy millions of jobs and reshape the US economy by 2025
HYPE! Driving cars is simply a waste of time.

12) wsj.com: ‘Daughters of the Samurai’ Sheds Light on a Strange Chapter in U.S.-Japanese History
Cool piece of history. Added the book to my to-read-list.


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