Quotes & Links #69

1) aeon.co: Against Generations

But in real life, I find generational arguments infuriating. Overly schematised and ridiculously reductive, generation theory is a simplistic way of thinking about the relationship between individuals, society, and history. It encourages us to focus on vague ‘generational personalities’, rather than looking at the confusing diversity of social life.

I think there are differences between people who grow in different times, however, they are not clear cut and the intragenerational differences are very pronounced, too. Still, as long as you don’t overgeneralize and overemphasize generational differences there’s no problem.

2) vox.com: No more dieting, and 7 other things we do differently after reporting on health care

Medical errors kill more people than car crashes or new disease outbreaks. They kill more people annually than breast cancer, AIDS, plane crashes, or drug overdoses.

This, I did not know.

3) politico.eu: What I taught Osama

Why blow up the U.S. government when you can buy it?

Ok, that is a bait. ;)

4) graphicine.com: Asa Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy Eclipses

5) vox.com: 5 overhyped media trends that turned out to just be a big recession
Damn. They are buying cars again. :(

6) understandingsociety.com: An evolutionary view of research frameworks

We might think of a research framework as the compound of a set of “genes” in the form of a collection of ideas and practices through which scientists approach their studies of the world. And we might define the similarity or difference between two research frameworks in the way that geneticists define the similarity of two mammalian species, in terms of the degree of shared genetic material they possess.

Hmm, not sure why you wouldn’t use the Lakatosian approach: core + auxiliary assumptions and whatnot.

7) washingtonpost.com/monkey-cage: Fake study on changing attitudes: Sometimes a claim that is too good to be true, isn’t
This was pretty huge news. Not much to add.

8) theatlantic.com: The Disintegration of the World

Both appointments are high-profile examples of a much wider trend: an increasing number of corporations are hiring political scientists, starting their board meetings with geopolitical briefings, and seeking the advice of former diplomats, spymasters, and military leaders.


9) fusion.net: Women are hurting themselves wearing high heels more than ever
As someone who’s rather small I obviously have rather selfish reasons for women to not wear high heels, but I never understood why they do in the first place. I also don’t understand why they color their nails etc. If society “demands” you to do “xyz”, then, simply, do the opposite.

10) washingtonpost.com/worldviews: The amazing, surprising, Africa-driven demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts
I wonder how accurate these trend-explorations will be. And here’s Dean Beaker’s comment.

11) farnamstreetblog.com: The Buffett Formula — How To Get Smarter

Sure you can go into the office the next day and discuss the details of last night’s episode of Mad Men or Game of Thrones. And, yes, you know what happened on Survivor. But that’s not knowledge accumulation, it’s a mind-numbing sedative.


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