Quotes & Links #71

1) medium.com/deutsch: Schluss mit Gruss!

Belanglos. Bedeutungslos. Zwecklos.

Würde die Kommunikation auf jeden Fall effizienter gestalten.

2) sz-magazin.sueddeutsche.de: »Ich bin in Rage angesichts unserer Sexualkultur«

Wissen Sie, man kann viel gegen den Kapitalismus vorbringen, er hat aber auch eine unglaubliche liberalisierende Kraft entfaltet, weil ihm vollkommen egal ist, was der einzelne Mensch sexuell treibt, solange er das System nicht behindert, sondern sogar fördert.

Jetzt nicht viel Neues dabei, aber trotzdem ganz interessant.

3) nytimes.com/upshot: When Family-Friendly Policies Backfire

In a study of 22 countries, they found that generous family-friendly policies like long maternity leaves and part-time work protections in Europe made it possible for more women to work — but that they were more likely to be in dead-end jobs and less likely to be managers.

Ouch. As far as I know more men at least take some time off in Germany, but who knows how stable that development is.

4) bruegel.org: “Dura Lex, sed Lex”(?)

So now, let’s put things in perspective. The Italian Constitutional Court decided that – in a country with the second highest pension expenditure and the third highest replacement rate in Europe – a temporary de-indexation of pension entitlements above three times the minimum violates the principles of “equality and proportionality”.

Italy be crazy. But law is law. Good article though.

5) forbes.com: The war on big food

And here’s one number to capture that skepticism: An analysis by Moskow found that the top 25 U.S. food and beverage companies have lost an equivalent of $18 billion in market share since 2009.

That’s quite the number. I think one should not feel sorry for “Big Food”, they are their own worst enemies. Obviously the fear of GMO, gluten, pesticides etc. is overblown, however, by how much and are there better alternatives? If yes, why not employ them? To read a different angle here is an older article by Vox.

6) fivethirtyeight.com: Why The Oldest Person In The World Keeps Dying

As we enter an age with less war and infection and fewer accidents, more and more people with these superior aging genes have been able to make it to a point in time when they can show them off. It’s getting crowded at the top.

Ninety percent of supercentenarians are women.

7) fusion.net: I wore ‘pheromone perfume’ for a week to turn myself into a sex goddess

I wasn’t wearing a skimpier top than usual, and I hadn’t recently gotten a boob job. The only thing I’d changed was my perfume. For a week, I’d been wearing synthetic pheromones “guaranteed” to make me more attractive to other humans.

The science behind is… not as clear-cut though. So hold your horses. ;)

8) slate.com/browbeat: Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don’t
I wonder how much is studios or actors or something else? It shouldn’t be too hard to conceal age in movies.

9) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: Could 95 percent of the world’s people be wrong about salt?

“All over the world, people tend to eat a consistent amount of sodium that isn’t super high and isn’t really low,” said Joel Geerling, a researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. “That doesn’t happen by chance in biology.”


10) bloombergview.com: Death of John Nash and His Beautiful Ideas

But in the end, economics will be John Nash’s field. We owe him as much as we owe Adam Smith. Not bad for a guy who probably wouldn’t even have called himself an economist!


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