Quotes & Links #72

1) imgur.com: All American Elections (via reddit)

2) chronicle.com: Why Technology Will Never Fix Education

The real obstacle in education remains student motivation. Especially in an age of informational abundance, getting access to knowledge isn’t the bottleneck, mustering the will to master it is.

I find it weird that so many people thought technology would advance education by so much (esp. considering *what* technology we are talking about). All you need is a book and be able to read and motivation/discipline.

3) bloomberg.com: Meet One of the Most Hated Men in Greece
Looks like lots of signalling is necessary to get that job.

4) vox.com: These charts prove Maggie Gyllenhaal is right about Hollywood’s ageism problem
To be honest, I’m rather surprised that the average age difference is not bigger. Still, probably wouldn’t hurt to lower it a bit. I don’t watch these movies anyways. ;)

5) medium.com/@arankhanna: Stalking Your Friends with Facebook Messenger
Pretty crazy and the difference between the US and Germany is huge. I have yet to see anyone with an active location marker. I usually always tell people if – for some reason – it is active. But we Germans are a bit paranoid when it comes to these kind of things.

6) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: The human toll of FIFA’s corruption

If current trends continue, the ITUC estimates that 4,000 workers will die in Qatar by the time the World Cup is actually held in 2022.

Insane. And nobody “cares”.

7) economy.com: Inequality Is More About Successful Firms Than Successful People

Overall, this study does not imply that inequality doesn’t matter or diminish its importance. It simply suggests inequality research should focus more on examining differences between firms than examining the balance of power within firms.

8) scientiasalon.com: The false dichotomy of trigger warnings

But bear in mind the conclusion of Gitlin’s essay mentioned above: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free” Not comfortable — free.”

9) bloombergview.com: When Will Self-Driving Trucks Destroy America?
Not very soon.

10) medium.com/matter: Holy Crop – How Federal Dollars Are Financing the Water Crisis in the West
Also contains some cool pictures.

11) themoneyillusion.com: Bullard, et al, on NGDP targeting
See also: “Bullard Endorses NGDP Targeting Based on Entirely Flawed Premise” by Cullen Roche.


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