Quotes & Links #74

1) ehs.org.uk: Germany’s Obsession With Inflation – How post-war central bankers manipulated national memories to assert their power

He shows that there was no West German consensus for central banking independence when the Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949. Far from it, the issue was a controversial one. This was because of the poor record of central banking independence during the inter-war period.

I always wondered how supported the “inflation trauma” is. It seems to be kept alive mainly by the madia because it makes the narrative easier. The article somewhat supports my hypothesis that the Bundesbank is usually “getting away with murder” (70s, reunification, early 00s) and can easily shift blame on to politicians or other institutions. Will have to read his thesis or papers when they are public.

2) imgur.com: How to write a great story
Pixar’s 22 rules.

3) imgur.com: Most common foreign citizenship in each German district

4) spiegel.de Neue “Economist”-Chefredakteurin: “Sorry! Wir Briten halten mit niemandem Händchen”

Beddoes: Das Belehren ist nicht so sehr das Problem. Die Lehre ist es. Deutschland neigt dazu, die Ursachen des eigenen Erfolgs falsch zu interpretieren und leitet daraus teilweise falsche Handlungsempfehlungen ab. Das gilt auch für die deutsche Wahrnehmung, dass ein hoher Exportüberschuss ein Zeichen der Stärke sei.

5) nytimes.com: What Makes a Woman?

By defining womanhood the way he did to Ms. Sawyer, Mr. Jenner and the many advocates for transgender rights who take a similar tack ignore those realities. In the process, they undermine almost a century of hard-fought arguments that the very definition of female is a social construct that has subordinated us. And they undercut our efforts to change the circumstances we grew up with.

Ugh. Complicated.

6) newmonetarism.com: Economics and Deception

1. Follow the money
2. Follow the money (more subtle version)
3. Too old, too lazy, or insufficiently talented, to change

7) lareviewofbooks.org: Marginal Millennials

When the Columbia Spectator recently published an op-ed by four students decrying the teaching of Ovid’s Metamorphosis because of its “vivid,” “triggering” language, many commenters thought it was satire. It wasn’t; the students’ concerns about “material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom” were sincere.

8) qz.com: The hidden economic rules behind Tinder, marriage, kidneys, and college admissions
Cool interview about “another side” of economics. He doesn’t actually say much about tinder or marriage.

9) qz.com: Americans ruin their jokes with two simple letters. Miserable twits. (JK!)

In the UK, saying you’re “just joking” is how you kill a joke. A real joke comes from convincing people you’re serious, until they think it through themselves and conclude that what was said is so outrageous that it must be jest. The laughter is partly relief. Humor lies in the slim possibility that you might not be just kidding.


10) vox.com: 9 things I learned from surviving my 20s

If at any point you don’t know what you’re doing or you get distracted or fail a few times, you’re made to feel as if you’re screwing up your entire life and you’re destined for a life of panhandling and drinking vodka on park benches at 8 am.

Hah. I agree with most of them. Maybe I’ll write a post once I survive my 20s, too…


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