Quotes & Links #75

1) iheartintelligence.com: 23 New Words for Emotions That We All Feel, but Can’t Explain

2) vox.com: These graphs show the veto power of white men in politics
So, were the recent policies which empower minorities/women/etc. (to some extend) despite white men or because of them? (See also the comments here?)

3) washingtonian.com: How to Read a Menu Like a Food Critic
Quite interesting.

4) turkishreview.org: The new Turkey and the old Middle East: the limits of ambition

Three-quarters of the investment still comes from EU member states. And that is something that no amount of green dollars from Saudi Arabia is ever going to overturn. If you look at Turkish Airlines connections, the most frequent flights are always to northern Europe and reflect Turkish trade patterns with Europe.

5) voxeu.org: The currency union effect on trade – Redux

We conclude that it is currently beyond our ability to estimate the aggregate trade effect of currency unions, particularly EMU, with any confidence.

6) aeon.co: People are violent because their moral code demands it

Across practices, across cultures, and throughout historical periods, when people support and engage in violence, their primary motivations are moral. By ‘moral’, I mean that people are violent because they feel they must be; because they feel that their violence is obligatory.

7) bbc.com: The women whom science forgot

8) scilogs.de: Keine Süßkartoffel ohne Gentechnik

Der Vergleich von verschiedenen kultivierten Süßkartoffeln und deren wilden Verwandten zeigte dann aber, dass keine der wilden Süßkartoffeln T-DNA Sequenzen enthielten. Die Autoren argumentieren dann, dass man annehmen kann, dass die T-DNA zur Ausbildung bestimmter Eigenschaften beigetragen hat, die schließlich während der Domestizierung zur weiteren Selektion führten.


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