Quotes & Links #78

1) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: One big myth about medicine: We know how drugs work

Knowing why a drug works has historically trailed the treatment, sometimes by decades. Some of the most recognizable drugs — acetaminophen for pain relief, penicillin for infections, and lithium for bipolar disorder, continue to be scientific mysteries today.


2) washingtonpost.com/wonkblog: Call off the bee-pocalypse – U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high

As you can see, the number of honeybee colonies has actually risen since 2006, from 2.4 million to 2.7 million in 2014, according to data tracked by the USDA.

However, it is true that bees are dying unusually fast. They are just better at replacing them. Still, the problem seems overblown? Let’s hope so.

3) ftp.iza.org: Unintended Effects of Anonymous Resumes (*.pdf; via Scott Alexander)

We find that participating firms become less likely to interview and hire minority candidates when receiving anonymous resumes.

4) washingtonpost.com/monkey-cage: Hey, Putin, have you seen how much China is investing in Ukraine?

On July 6, the Financial Times reported that Ukraine has become the largest corn exporter to China, surpassing the United States.

5) washingtonpost.com/monkey-cage: Did Armenia just have an Orange Revolution?

Big protest movements often appear to be so sudden and spontaneous because they build upon citizens’ prior “micro-mobilizations” around local issues, which took place below the mainstream media’s radar screen.

Here the trajectory of Armenian protest diverged from the Ukrainian revolution earlier last year. The small group that tried to unfurl European Union flags, as had happened in the Ukrainian Euromaidan a year earlier, was heckled and expelled from the crowd.

Nice. A post on Armenia and movements.

6) harpers.org: In Praise of Boredom (via @EpicurianDeal)

Even then I had a sense of being less serious than my parents, less real somehow, more readily distracted by nonsense.

Why believe that reading Beckett or, God forbid, Heidegger, was an innately more worthy activity than watching music videos? Says who? But the rebellion was half bluster; the wiser voices of our elders nagged at us.

Really interesting article which mentions quite a few things I struggle with.

7) medium.com/bull-market: 2010 and all that — Relitigating the Greek bailout (Part 2)

8) marginalrevolution.com: Rent Control in Stockholm

9) contexts.org: Women’s Sexual Orientation and Sexual Behavior – How Well Do They Match?

We have shown that identity—the sexual orientation one identifies with—is strongly, but by no means perfectly, correlated with whether women have had sex with men, women, or both.

10) guardian.com: How the Nordic far-right has stolen the left’s ground on welfare


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