About Moi

I currently reside in Bamberg, searching for a job. Bamberg is a beautiful city and although somewhat small, it definitely has its charms. I’ve been living here for about eight years now and recently finished my masters degree (major: political science; minor: economics).

I started blogging in September 2007 – I was reading blogs before that – and wrote about one of my hobbies. I managed to stay motivated enough to write about it for about 15 months (click here) before my interest shifted. This was partly due to my studies and the financial crisis.

However, my interest (maybe even passion?) for politics and economics has stayed with me throughout my whole life. Reasons for that are manifold. I’m not an active blogger, but from time to time I do find the need to write some of my thoughts down (mainly on Twitter though).

Until then jf#1.

Assorted posts:
About the Name
Drivel Absurd: Globalisierung – ein totales Durcheinander (in German)
What Blogs I Follow #1 (January 2011)
What Blogs I Follow #2 (August 2011)
Twitter Accounts One Should Follow (August 2011)
Ich als Erklärbär (Economics-Edition & in German).

Social Media:
Twitter Account
Instagram Account

Academic interests include: Microfoundations (rational choice theory, prospect theory, cognitive biases and nudges), political economy (macroeconomics, market regulation, agency capture), monetary economics, elections (esp. influence of economic factors and “altruism” on the election outcome), political theory (democracy, collective action and interest groups).
Hobbies & other interests include: esports (mainly Starcraft II & League of Legends), manga (mainly seinen), PC gaming, basketball, food, football, jogging, reading and more. Just follow me! ;)

(Updated Arpil 2014)


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