Twitter Favorites: June 2015

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Twitter Favorites: May 2015

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Twitter Favorites: February 2015

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Favorite Tweets: January 2015


Things Bunds are pricing in: deflation, recession, grexit, brexit, frexit, spexit, alien invasion, russia annexation of belgium, free oil.


Draghi: Important for me to do my duty.
Handelsblatt: Sounds Prussian, for an Italian.
Draghi: Doing one’s duty is not a German trait.

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Favorite Tweets: December 2014


You know all those people who say “economics is about human behavior, and predicting human behavior is impossible”? Well, they’re wrong.

sweden / Elinor

My boss is phoning different gyms. He’s looking for one without “biffar”. Biff = steak = people with a lot of muscle.

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