Quotes & Links #77

1) enlightenmenteconomics.com: Not all economists are neoliberal, honest

My relationship with the concept of neoliberalism is an uneasy one, in that I don’t really know what it means. Often, radical writers use it to mean ‘most of economics’ […]

Noah Smith on a similar topic: “So most economists are supporters of a mixed economy.
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Twitter Favorites: June 2015

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Quotes & Links #74

1) ehs.org.uk: Germany’s Obsession With Inflation – How post-war central bankers manipulated national memories to assert their power

He shows that there was no West German consensus for central banking independence when the Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949. Far from it, the issue was a controversial one. This was because of the poor record of central banking independence during the inter-war period.

I always wondered how supported the “inflation trauma” is. It seems to be kept alive mainly by the madia because it makes the narrative easier. The article somewhat supports my hypothesis that the Bundesbank is usually “getting away with murder” (70s, reunification, early 00s) and can easily shift blame on to politicians or other institutions. Will have to read his thesis or papers when they are public.
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Quotes & Links #73

1) vox.com: This chart shows the awe-inspiring amount of work that went into adapting Game of Thrones
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2) qz.com: Richard Thaler on misbehavior, tipping, and economists as failed mathematicians

So, that’s 1936. That was kind of the end of people in economics. And it wasn’t intentional that that happened. The people like Paul Samuelson who started the mathematical revolution in economics didn’t mean to leave people out. But the easiest models to write down are models of rational choice.

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Quotes & Links #60

1) ft.com: The economists’ manifesto

If Britain’s top economists were in charge, what policies would they implement?

2) newrepublic.com: Multilinguals Have Multiple Personalities (via @eni)
I wonder how my personality changes (if at all)?
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Favorite Tweets: January 2015


Things Bunds are pricing in: deflation, recession, grexit, brexit, frexit, spexit, alien invasion, russia annexation of belgium, free oil.


Draghi: Important for me to do my duty.
Handelsblatt: Sounds Prussian, for an Italian.
Draghi: Doing one’s duty is not a German trait.

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Quotes & Links #24

1) upshot.com: Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions

Even if, in our slow thinking, we work to avoid discrimination, it can easily creep into our fast thinking. Our snap judgments rely on all the associations we have — from fictional television shows to news reports. They use stereotypes, both the accurate and the inaccurate, both those we would want to use and ones we find repulsive.

It’s a big problem. I’m sure it can be expanded to other fields as well and maybe will be only seen as a start to have a honest discussion on bias in many more ways. Although the influence might be a lot less.

2) zeit.de: Banken noch nicht aus dem Schneider

Vermutlich ist ein Ende mit Schrecken, also eine Reihe von Bankpleiten, realwirtschaftlich eine günstigere Alternative als ein Schrecken ohne Ende in Form eines langfristig unterausgelasteten Produktionspotenzials. Das wäre jedenfalls mein Verdacht.

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