Quotes & Links #76

1) re-define.org: #ThisIsNotACoup – Dispelling some myths about the Greek agreement
Thought about writing something one Greece, but there are already so many articles that it’s kind of unnecessary.
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Twitter Favorites: June 2015

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Quotes & Links #74

1) ehs.org.uk: Germany’s Obsession With Inflation – How post-war central bankers manipulated national memories to assert their power

He shows that there was no West German consensus for central banking independence when the Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949. Far from it, the issue was a controversial one. This was because of the poor record of central banking independence during the inter-war period.

I always wondered how supported the “inflation trauma” is. It seems to be kept alive mainly by the madia because it makes the narrative easier. The article somewhat supports my hypothesis that the Bundesbank is usually “getting away with murder” (70s, reunification, early 00s) and can easily shift blame on to politicians or other institutions. Will have to read his thesis or papers when they are public.
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Quotes & Links #68

1) medium.com/on-life-and-leadership: It’s OK to be Dumb (But Not Stupid)

It’s OK to be dumb. Dumb admits it’s ignorance. And so it can learn, absorb, grow. Dumb doesn’t know, and doesn’t pretend to. Realizing that you’re dumb, you might crack open a book…listen to a talk…stop and think. Awareness of one’s dumbness is the first precondition of gaining any kind of knowledge.

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Quotes & Links #59

1) voxeu.org: Economic consequences of gender identity

The results indicate that the prescription that women should earn less than men plays a role in marriage rates, the labour market supply of women, and marital satisfaction.

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