Quotes & Links #79

1) nytimes.com: A Hundred Cities Within Seoul
Article is a bit disappointing, but worth reading if you don’t know much about South Korea/Seoul.
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Quotes & Links #72

1) imgur.com: All American Elections (via reddit)
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Quotes & Links #66

1) carnegiecouncil.org: Towards Non-Western Histories in International Relations Textbooks

Most textbooks begin with ancient Greece and Rome, advance through the European Middle Ages, and continue with the Peace of Westphalia and the Enlightenment. Some make passing reference to the wider world during these periods, but never in comparable depth, and only really begin to acknowledge non-Western societies during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Quotes & Links #46

1) chronicle.com: Sexual Paranoia Strikes Again

The feminism I identified with as a student stressed independence and resilience. In the intervening years, the climate of sanctimony about student vulnerability has grown too thick to penetrate; no one dares question it lest you’re labeled antifeminist.

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Quotes & Links #44

1) vox.com: Statistical controls tell us how the gender pay gap works, not that it isn’t real

The point of doing a more sophisticated statistical analysis of the gender pay gap is that it tells us how it works.

Well-written article, although I’d personally add some more caveats and personally (biased moi) find that it weakens the feminist/progressive/liberal/whatever case for strong/equal pay legislation (or a quota) by quite a bit.
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Quotes & Links #37

1) nzz.ch: Pikettys armseliger Eurozentrismus

Wir haben zwei Jahre damit verbracht, Interviews mit Angehörigen von Menschen, die sich selber verbrannt haben, und Überlebenden durchzuführen. Der gemeinsame Nenner dieser Märtyrer war, dass sie Entrepreneurs waren und dass sie alle empört darüber waren, dass ihr kleines Kapital (auf Arabisch: «ras en mel») enteignet worden war.

Interessanter Kommentar zu Piketty und seinen Statistiken. Ich sollte das Buch wirklich mal weiterlesen.
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