Quotes & Links #80

1) breakingsmart.com: A New Soft Technology

Software eating the world is a story of the seen and the unseen: small, measurable effects that seem underwhelming or even negative, and large invisible and positive effects that are easy to miss, unless you know where to look.

This has happened before of course: money and written language both transformed the world in similarly profound ways. Software, however, is more flexible and powerful than either.

Am looking forward to more.
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Quotes & Links #71

1) medium.com/deutsch: Schluss mit Gruss!

Belanglos. Bedeutungslos. Zwecklos.

Würde die Kommunikation auf jeden Fall effizienter gestalten.
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Twitter Favorites: February 2015

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Quotes & Links #43

1) cer.org: No, we can’t: Why Podemos is not Syriza

Unlike Syriza, which blames Greece’s problems on external decisions taken by the ‘troika’, Iglesias’ party denounces Spain’s internal enemies: the corrupt ‘caste’ – the governing elites. Mirroring Spanish society, Podemos is fairly pro-European.

A good post on Podemos and Spain. For a different (and more focus on Spain’s economy) take: click here.
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Favorite Tweets: December 2014


You know all those people who say “economics is about human behavior, and predicting human behavior is impossible”? Well, they’re wrong.

sweden / Elinor

My boss is phoning different gyms. He’s looking for one without “biffar”. Biff = steak = people with a lot of muscle.

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