Quotes & Links #60

1) ft.com: The economists’ manifesto

If Britain’s top economists were in charge, what policies would they implement?

2) newrepublic.com: Multilinguals Have Multiple Personalities (via @eni)
I wonder how my personality changes (if at all)?
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Quotes & Links #59

1) voxeu.org: Economic consequences of gender identity

The results indicate that the prescription that women should earn less than men plays a role in marriage rates, the labour market supply of women, and marital satisfaction.

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Book Excerpt

To his intrinsic Well-Beloved he had always been faithful; but she had had many embodiments. Each individuality known as Lucy, Jane, Florence, Evangeline, or what-not, had been merely a transient condition of her. He did not recognise this as an excuse or as a defence, but as a fact simply. Essentially she was perhaps of no tangible substance; a spirit, a dream, a frenzy, a conception, an aroma, an epitomised sex, a light of he eye, a parting of the lips. God only knew what she really was; Pearston did not. He knew that he loved the Protean creature wherever he found her, whether with blue eyes, black eyes, or brown; whether presenting herself as tall, fragile, or plump. She was never in two places at once; but hitherto she had never been in one place long. She was indescribable, unless by saying she was a mood of himself.

Thomas Hardy, The Pursuit of the Well-Beloved (1892), pg. 16-17.

Quotes & Links #44

1) vox.com: Statistical controls tell us how the gender pay gap works, not that it isn’t real

The point of doing a more sophisticated statistical analysis of the gender pay gap is that it tells us how it works.

Well-written article, although I’d personally add some more caveats and personally (biased moi) find that it weakens the feminist/progressive/liberal/whatever case for strong/equal pay legislation (or a quota) by quite a bit.
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Quotes & Links #43

1) cer.org: No, we can’t: Why Podemos is not Syriza

Unlike Syriza, which blames Greece’s problems on external decisions taken by the ‘troika’, Iglesias’ party denounces Spain’s internal enemies: the corrupt ‘caste’ – the governing elites. Mirroring Spanish society, Podemos is fairly pro-European.

A good post on Podemos and Spain. For a different (and more focus on Spain’s economy) take: click here.
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Quotes & Links #38

1) zeit.de: Pegida – Die gefährlichen Ängste der Alten

Und jetzt erzählt mir mein Onkel, er wolle noch schnell die Zuwanderung begrenzen? Und damit die einzigen, die mir helfen könnten, seine Rente zu bezahlen, aus Deutschland fernhalten? “Ich habe ja nichts gegen ältere Menschen”, sage ich. “Aber sie sollen bitte nicht mit ihrem Rassismus unsere Sozialsysteme belasten.”

Guter Text. Ich muss mich wohl irgendwann intensiver mit der Rentensicherung beschäftigen, weil es für mich keinen Sinn ergibt, dass x-Personen für y-Personen aufkommen müssen. Ist nicht allein der Lohn/die Produktivität ausschlaggebend?! Meh. Werde mal nach Studien googeln.
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