Quotes & Links #75

1) iheartintelligence.com: 23 New Words for Emotions That We All Feel, but Can’t Explain
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Quotes & Links #69

1) aeon.co: Against Generations

But in real life, I find generational arguments infuriating. Overly schematised and ridiculously reductive, generation theory is a simplistic way of thinking about the relationship between individuals, society, and history. It encourages us to focus on vague ‘generational personalities’, rather than looking at the confusing diversity of social life.

I think there are differences between people who grow in different times, however, they are not clear cut and the intragenerational differences are very pronounced, too. Still, as long as you don’t overgeneralize and overemphasize generational differences there’s no problem.

2) vox.com: No more dieting, and 7 other things we do differently after reporting on health care

Medical errors kill more people than car crashes or new disease outbreaks. They kill more people annually than breast cancer, AIDS, plane crashes, or drug overdoses.

This, I did not know.
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Quotes & Links #54

1) growthecon.com: Genetic Origins of Economic Development

An entirely different kind of study is one where the researcher looks at a specific gene(s), with a known biological function, and examines whether this has a social or economic influence.

Some interesting aspects how development and genetics might have interacted.
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What I Read: “SCIENCE!”-Articles mk. IV

1. Farm-Animal Welfare, Legislation, And Trade by G. Matheny & C. Leahy (2007)

Short Summary: The paper offers a detailed look at the farm animal welfare standards in the United States and then contrasts these to the standards in Europe (see overview on pg. 341) – 98% of the animals raised and killed are actually farm animals. Therefore if one wants to improve living standards for animals one should help these animals first.
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