Twitter Favorites: June 2015

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Quotes & Links #57

1) Apocalyptic Schadenfreude

The Central Valley takes up only 1% of the landmass of the United States, but it produces 25% of the food we eat, and almost half of the fruits or nuts we consume. California is running through its water supply because, for complicated historical and climatological reasons, it has taken on the burden of feeding the rest of the country.

Interesting aspect often overlooked by many – as shown in this article.
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Favorite Tweets: January 2015


Things Bunds are pricing in: deflation, recession, grexit, brexit, frexit, spexit, alien invasion, russia annexation of belgium, free oil.


Draghi: Important for me to do my duty.
Handelsblatt: Sounds Prussian, for an Italian.
Draghi: Doing one’s duty is not a German trait.

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Quotes & Links #31

1) Was hat Deutschland von der Einwanderung?

Tatsächlich sind die meisten der sogenannten Gastarbeiter wieder gegangen: „Zwischen 1955 und 1973 sind insgesamt 14 Millionen Menschen aus den Anwerbeländern nach Deutschland gekommen, 11 Millionen sind wieder in ihre Heimat zurückgekehrt“, sagt Migrationsforscher Jochen Oltmer.

It seems to be one of many subjects that would benefit from better definitions and much better data. I like the inclusion of the low-pay sector in the analysis.
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